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This is NOT a blog...

Rather than a blog think of these pages as my public journal. 

I leave it up to you what to do with it. You can share it, comment on it below, have a different opinion on things I talk about or talk with your grandma about it. 😉  

 I believe that sharing is a gift we can all give (if we choose to). 

Sending inspiration, courage and love your way!

Your Gut Feeler Peggy

If you're someone who has been experiencing symptoms like low immunity, stress intolerance, impaired brain health, mental exhaustion, or chronic fatigue, you might be dealing with vitamin B12 deficiency. This article will discuss the three most alarming signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and how to address them effectively. We'll also touch upon

Vitamin B12 Deficiency – Is it YOU?

Hey, Gut Feeler friend. Today we're gonna talk about the benefits, especially for your gut of chia seeds. Now, you might have read other articles about chia seed benefits for weight loss or chia seed recipes, or chia seed pudding, or how to soak chia seeds the right way. When

Chia Seed Benefits

I wouldn’t even know where to start describing what happens in my life right now. On the phone with Mom today: I told her I do like to visit her in Europe aaaaaand… I worried (for the first time that I can recall) about the high voltage culture shock for

May 23, 2021 Sunday – Is this for real?

I feel alive. Life is so different these days… It’s soooo rich and round and nourished. Ocean, so much ocean and swimming. Rented a SUP for a month. Being out on the ocean with my friend Irazu, paddling, learning, finding the balance, feeling the waves. They have so much power…

May 16, 2021 Sunday – My heart & Michael Jackson

It’s Saturday.   What a day! 7+ hours hiking through the “neighborhood”. Sweat, sun, ocean, jungle, community, and green juice at the end.   I don’t know how I came to experience a life like this.   So rich, so loving, so loved and alive. Feeling the strength of my

May 8, 2021, Hiking and a cracked tooth

Wow. What a day. The idea of renting or buying a motorbike has been in my head a while now.  And today, I went for it. Taking a 1.5h bus ride to get to Puerto and check out the big city with its moto dealers. Seeing myself cruising on a

April 28, 2021, Wednesday – Motorbike Hunting, Losing my phone & the Darien Gap

Why do I like traveling so much? What makes me move to another place every two-ish months?  It feels exciting. I like change. It keeps me awake to the beauty of every day, By business feels like my roots. My body is portable. A tree that can grow roots wherever

April 27, 2021 Tuesday (2) Nomad-Life

I am reading Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk. From the first page on, my heart felt connected. Gentle goosebumps started and stayed for the time I’ve read his book.  What suddenly attracts me to MJ? His heart for sure. The gifts he gave and how he allowed source to express itself through

April 27, 2021 Tuesday – MJ, Full moon, Preferences vs. Opinions

Floating and swimming in the ocean twice today,  I feel like I never want to live anywhere without the ocean close by.  I love the jungle. The first time I came to Panama, I knew, I felt that jungle = my home.    It’s nice to see the surfers riding

April 25, 2021, Sunday, Ocean & Money & My Heart

FSL Exercise (*Finding Silver Linings) I feel uprooted. My apartment already got rented for the next month and I would’ve liked to stay here one month longer.  This is a top-floor apartment. As the summer months are coming quickly now, this ceiling will get VERY hot. So, it might be

April 23, 2021, Friday

Grateful. Feeling nourished on many levels. Connected. This town feels like home even if not much time has passed since I am here. Some places just feel like that even before I move there… My heart knows immediately. Time is just a playful extra in this equation. Vegan, deluxe dinner

April 21, 2021, Wednesday

I want to take a moment to appreciate the gifts of today. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you for the ocean so close by. The salty sea water feels great on my skin. Best morning routine ever: morning swim. ⁣ I’ve enjoyed the community and shared stories and the vegan made-for-me brunch

April 18, 2021 Sunday in Lo de Marcos, Mexico