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May 23, 2021 Sunday – Is this for real?

May 23, 2021 - Is this for real?

I wouldn’t even know where to start describing what happens in my life right now.

On the phone with Mom today: I told her I do like to visit her in Europe aaaaaand… I worried (for the first time that I can recall) about the high voltage culture shock for me.

Today’s Sunday. I’ve got a private SUP (stand-up paddle) class at 7.15 this morning. We went out to a secluded beach, passed by caves and big rocks in the middle of the ocean… I felt scared and delighted and challenged. Just like learning new things, fun things, feel like.

There’s something so magical and welcoming about this pueblo I live in. I felt the peace, warmth, and gentle aliveness the first time I visited. It feels like it called me and I willingly accepted the kind invitation.

I’ve seen so many beautiful places, both in Europe and in Latin America. Yet, this is the first time I feel this abundance of ease in every way.

The community (and its lively Facebook group :-)), the ocean with all its faces and moods, the cafĂ© with the best cinnamon rolls on planet earth, the new friends, my lively, kind-hearted, and welcoming house community, Tio Beto (aka my landlord) and his horses, the young, easy-going dentist with his ocean-painted wall and the TV, my apartment with all the daily luxuries I love: internet, hot shower, nice beds, Mexican red brick ceilings, fans and AC, big fridge and freezer, oven, lovely wooden table and the neighbor’s cat Uno, the bus drivers and the ease of getting around to other places without a car…

this list could go on and on.

I know things always change, just like the ocean. There will be other waves again, waves that challenge me and make me grow…
Right now, however, I feel I am anti-aging. I am growing, flourishing, and savoring the abundance of warmth, water, freedom, giving, and community. thank you life for this experience. It feels like parts of me that run dry in the last years with building a business that sustains itself, with arriving on a new continent and learning to find kindness for myself in the process… these parts are watered now by the abundant ocean, the sea, el Mar. And by that, they blossom in bright, vibrant colors.

I feel alive.

And there is more… always.

There’s always more kindness, more “thank you” moments to become aware of, more people to smile at, more coconut water to share.

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