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May 16, 2021 Sunday – My heart & Michael Jackson

May 16, 2021 Sunday - Life & Michael Jackson

I feel alive. Life is so different these days… It’s soooo rich and round and nourished.

Ocean, so much ocean and swimming. Rented a SUP for a month. Being out on the ocean with my friend Irazu, paddling, learning, finding the balance, feeling the waves. They have so much power… teaching me a life lesson. Life and its waves are better so be synced up with. If I try to paddle against the stream, try to resist the current, I exhaust myself and might get a hit by the waves as a lesson.

I want to go to bed every night remembering all the gifts, the obvious and the ones in disguise, that this day has brought me.

My life is full of privileges that are all but granted to everybody.
Having the time, resources, and the environment to sit here and write these journal pages is a privilege. It’s a privilege to have a phone, a computer, and access to the internet.

My heart hurts as I am writing these lines… it hurt for gratitude.
I want to remember every day to TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. Every breath is a gift, every person I met is a gift, there are no enemies, there are only teachers.

I’ve been looking on the web for info on travel requirements to enter Europe and got all tight-up when reading that vaccination certificates give you so much privilege and make things easier. For a second or two I even considered buying a fake certificate. The idea didn’t feel good. It’s not me.

The biggest power I have is the knowledge that I use ANY situation in my favor. “Simply” (it really is simple but needs a ton of practice and brain rewiring), simply by choosing to look for a neutral or even positive, creative way to respond to the challenge (aka gift in disguise).

That’s the power every human being has. The privilege is remembering it or being remembered by another’s an example who demonstrates this power.

I am grateful. I am blessed. I am alive.
And I long to share the gifts life overflows me with every single day.

There’s NOTHING more rewarding, nothing feels better than giving back. Making a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you, Michael Joseph Jackson (aka Applehead) for being an example of greatness and abundant giving for me. You inspire me to give more. To love more. And to share from the deepest place of my heart. Greatness and kindness. Thank you!

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