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Jarod Hadaway, Testimonial

You gave me my life back, Peggy!

I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. I feel confident - I don’t even lift weights, only do rebounding, cardio and push ups. I was so skinny, not healthy. And now I am doing things I was never able to do. I exercise twice per day, I feel motivated and strong and love my work more than ever before. You gave me my life back, Peggy!

Anna Verstreken Testimonial Peggy Schirmer

Finally, I feel more energized, lighter and deeply connected with my body and life.

What an amazing journey, these 12 weeks! I learned a lot about the relationship between food, my body and my emotions, and so much more.

Peggy guided and supported me not only with her amazing knowledge but also with her heart. She is a living example and a great positive force, holding me and my process firmly but gentle.

Being in the menopause, I didn’t expect to see improvements so quickly: my skin, my hot flushes (gone!), my sleep and my energy level improved! 

Margret Link Testimonial, Peggy Schirmer

No need for changing my whole life upside down... I appreciate that a lot!

Since the first week, I've started feeling more awake and more energetic. I've learnt a lot about myself, my body and what simple things I can do to improve my health long-term.

It's been an incredible gift to me, having Peggy's support. Her profound medical knowledge, her sensitivity and experience helped me to overcome my acne, my hay fever and improved every aspect of my health, beyond what I thought is possible.

I achieved all my goals in less than three months. Wow!

I love Peggy's minimal and effective approach. No need for changing my whole life upside down. Being a mother with a full-time job, I appreciated that a lot!

The delicious recipes and the simple and clear explanations of how my body works, leave me well equipped to stay on track in the future. Thank you so much, Peggy!

Trevor feedback, coaching client, Peggy Schirmer

Thank you, Peggy, for rekindling my spark for life and taking away my feeling of imprisonment!

First, I was very sceptical to the radical approach of eating foods which I was warned about for years.

I took a leap of faith and was reassured by Peggy's guidance. For the very first time, I did not feel alone in my healing journey.

Peggy created a personal profile with an action plan for me. Through the tracking protocol, it got obvious to me what's working, what needs to change and where I am at in my healing journey.

Apart from being gifted with a wealth of unconventional knowledge, Peggy helped me kindly step beyond years of misinformation and onto my path of true healing.

My energy levels improved, my awareness and concentration soar and my worries reduced day by day... Health is here for me, now! 

Nathalie Verboven, Testimonial Peggy Schirmer

It’s great to wake up at 7 and to feel so alive again!

The biggest wow-feeling is that I have so much more energy than I used to have. It’s great to wake up at 7 and to feel so alive!


I’ve made significant improvements in all my set goals (better skin, more joy & happiness, clear focus, less anxiety, less chocolate, …).


Your feedback, your deep medical knowledge, the mindset tools and the daily protocol (for tracking my progress) all helped me to stick with it, increase my awareness & feel 100% supported during my journey.


I feel beautiful in my body now, more present and free to go wherever I want to. So grateful to have done this work with you, Peggy. Thank you!

Kerstin Kraut Testimonial Peggy Schirmer

My whole body feels different...

I started working with Peggy in order to treat my really bad skin (cystic acne) and low energy level.


I completely stopped using my medical creams, even after a bath or a shower. Other aches and pains, such as weariness and headaches, are disappearing too.


My whole body feels different. My skin is almost completely healed already. I feel more balanced, energized and just healthier in general. 

I love how Peggy combines diet recommendations with practices for a healthier everyday life including meditation and mindset work. She provides excellent guidance and support.

Kerstin Traut  //  Geospatial Expert

Antonia Bond Testimonial, Peggy Schirmer

Your kindness and love supported me to find ways of living naturally allergy-free!

It feels so supportive to work with you, Peggy. You really give of yourself, your knowledge and your clarity.  

It's great to have somebody on my side, helping me to make small changes that actually work. The three months coaching program offered me an alternative look at why I suffer from allergies. Peggy guided my step-by-step to take the actions which support my body to do what it does naturally!

Your kindness and love supported me to find ways of living naturally allergy-free! Today, I am thriving and enjoying life. Thank you! 

Antonia Bond  //  Front Desk Manager

About the Gut Healing Challenge Ebook...

Christijan Robert Broerse, Testimonial Gut Healing Challenge Ebook

A must-have for everyone who wants to heal!

Normally, I find health cookbooks either unapproachable with impossible-to-source ingredients or boring, filled with dull instructions. Peggy's gut healing guide is neither. Her recipes are easy to follow resulting in delicious meals and snacks. The guide brims with personality and Peggy's genuine love for life. A must-have for everyone who wants to heal!

Testimonial, Anja Trappe, Gut Healing Challenge

Surprisingly easy to integrate into my busy weekday... 

Surprisingly easy to integrate into my busy weekday schedule… The perfect gift for anyone I care about. I love the delicious recipes and your inspiring knowledge about food. The “secret weapon” on page 34 was my personal highlight. It’s an integral part of my morning routine now. Thanks Peggy!

Thomas Dünser, Testimonial- Gut Healing Challenge

A must-have for everyone who wants to heal!

I totally enjoyed Peggy’s holistic approach in the Gut Healing Challenge. It was a much simpler journey than I’ve expected. The recipes are delicious. I am looking forward to continuing my gut healing journey… 

PS: The “start with why" section is awesome!

Ivana Strakova Testimonial

 I decided to take the juice tip... and it worked. 🙂

I loved the "My Secret Weapon" part. It pointed out the best medicine for detox and restoring energy. I decided to take the juice tip and include it in my morning routine to help heal my gut... and it worked. 🙂

The Gut Healing Challenge provides an excellent selection of delicious recipes and healthy tips for healing. I use them in my daily diet and highly benefit from it.

Written with love, dedication and passion for a healthy lifestyle... I highly recommend this engaging guide to everyone who is seeking health inspiration, wants to detox or kick off a healing period in one's life.

Ivana Strakova //  Project Manager

And More Feedback...

Urszula Simoniuk Feedback

I was never worried about the things you say. They just make perfect sense to me! 

I discovered the true taste of whole foods! Through the daily celery juice my eczema got better...  I love how healthy eating makes me more energetic! And I am still in the process of adapting to the new diet. My next step is the 1-week Gut Healing Challenge

Urszula Simoniuk  //  M.D., Cardiac Surgeon

Julia Feedback on Gut Feelings
Feedback Jay, Sept. 2019

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