Cancellation and Refund Policy

Because we care about our clients we have aimed to create a flexible cancellation and refund policy while still respecting the value of our time and availability for other clients.

1-on-1 Support

Cancel within our 24-hour grace period (after booking) and we refund your purchase (minus our expense allowance of $37.5 + 4% of your purchased value to cover payment gateway fees) as long as your appointment has not yet been scheduled.


Once our 24-hour grace period has passed OR your appointment has been scheduled, your payment is no longer refundable.

If you need to reschedule you can do so up to 72 hours before your appointment without any charges. 

Please note that each appointment can only be rescheduled once. For administrative reasons, we do not support second or third rescheduling requests. 


After purchase your call or package is valid for 3 months. If you haven't scheduled your appointment within 3 months after purchase it expires and is non-refundable without a reminder from our side.


If you missed your scheduled and confirmed appointment, we are not able to refund you. Peggy will wait for 15 minutes in the Zoom meeting room for you. After that, your appointment is canceled and non-refundable.


If you are dealing with severe health issues that might cause missing your appointment or needing to cancel them last minute, please consider checking your insurance coverage before purchasing. 


We are not a public health care provider nor a hospital and are not able to compensate for "accident booking", no-shows or last-minute cancellations.  

Peggy does her best to guide you towards your next healing steps and answer questions you have during the 1-on-1 call(s). However, there are no healing promises or "satisfaction guarantees" given. Please be aware that we do NOT offer refunds after a session has been delivered.

Digital Products

Please email before purchasing a product from if you have any questions.

Digital products: There are no refunds whatsoever. Please read the product descriptions carefully and ensure you are aware of what you are getting. 

Programs: There are no refunds given after program materials have been distributed. Please read the program descriptions carefully and ensure you are aware of what you are getting. 

Personal Video Answer: While we do not provide refunds after purchasing, you may take up to 30 days after purchasing to submit your personal question for Peggy. If we haven’t received your question for Peggy to deliver your Personal Video Answer within 30 days after purchase, the product expires and is non-refundable.