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Preview: The 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge, Peggy Schirmer, Gut Feelings
Everything You Need to Start Healing Your Gut Struggles in One Guide!
  • 7-Day Meal Plan - Including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snack options per day & three weekend treats to invite your family or friends
  • Delicious & Simple Recipes - Gut-friendly meals that satisfy your body and your taste buds 
  • Shopping List - A done-for-you list with all the ingredients and quantities you need for your gut healing week
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    Tracking Protocol - The best tool to help you stay on track and celebrate every gut improvement along the way
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    Gut-Healing Supplement Recommendations - This is optional. Speed up your healing process with a the most effective herbs, minerals and vitamins
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​​​​The One Week Gut Healing Challenge

Are you trying to calm down your gut but just don't know where to start? Do you feel frustrated with all the contradicting advice out there? Everyone is talking about eating healthy. We all know that refined sugar and fatty fast foods are bad for our gut, right?

But almost no one talks about the fact that every food falls in one of two categories: either this food nourishes you so our body can heal itself OR this food feeds pathogens in our gut (like SIBO, parasites, candida overgrowth etc.) and keeps you in suffering. 

We don’t need a miracle or another wonder pill to finally overcome our gut problems!

We just need two things: The trust in our body’s self-healing power and a diet that is both, simple and gut-friendly.

"Normally, I find health cookbooks either unapproachable with impossible-to-source ingredients or boring, filled with dull instructions. Peggy's gut healing guide is neither. Her recipes are easy to follow resulting in delicious meals and snacks. The guide brims with personality and Peggy's genuine love for life. A must-have for everyone who wants to heal!"

A Look Inside the 40+ Page Ebook

Meal Plan 1, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook, Peggy Schirmer

A well structured, comprehensive plan to guide you through the week step-by-step. Including a full 7-day meal plan, shopping list done for you, product recommendations etc. 

Blueberry Ice Cream, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook, Peggy Schirmer

Delicious recipes for all meals, including simple to-go snacks and three comforting weekend specials to share with family and friends. 

Mind Set Tools, Peggy Schirmer, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook

Mindset tools and tracking protocol to help you staying focused and enjoy every improvement on your gut healing journey.  

Food Profils Broccoli, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook, Peggy Schirmer

Including extras with my best tips to experiment with and to deepen your knowledge about food and your gut health. 

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About Peggy Schirmer

The loss of my father to cancer in my teenage years kickstarted my search for health and healing. Struggling with chronic health challenges myself my desire to understand healing grew stronger day by day. 

After studying academic medicine in Germany, I had more unanswered questions than before. So I engaged deeper with holistic medicine and became a certified naturopath. Instead of trying to "fix what's broken", I experienced deep healing. 

I trust in you and in your body's strength to heal itself! It's not too late for you! 

"I thrive on supporting high achievers to overcome their chronic health struggles so they can be their most awesome self."

In The Gut Healing Challenge Ebook, You Will Discover:


Instead of guessing and planning for the next day's dinner, you've got a beautiful plan layed out in front of you. Simply delicious recipes that support your healing effectively. I've put together for you the best recipes, well structured in a 7-day meal plan. Everything it taken care of: breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks are part of the deal.


I believe our body knows exactely what it needs. This guide is made to support you to team up with you body, understand it better and be surprised. The included daily tracking protocol allows you to follow up on your progress in a fun and light way.  


Change, especially when it comes to our lifestyle and the way we eat, is not easy. You start this week's journey with one of my most powerful mindset tool. Because only on a solid fundament you can bulit a great house!


1. Complex 4-star meals loaded with dairy, eggs and gluten that take the whole day to prepare. 

2. "Just do this once and your life will change forever" promises. The truth is our body likes it slow. It needs time, our patience and kindness to heal itself.


What People Are Saying


"Surprisingly easy to integrate into my busy weekday schedule… The perfect gift for anyone I care about. I love the delicious recipes and your inspiring knowledge about food. The “secret weapon” on page 34 was my personal highlight. It’s an integral part of my morning routine now. Thanks Peggy!" 

"I totally enjoyed Peggy’s holistic approach in the Gut Healing Challenge. It was a much simpler journey than I’ve expected. The recipes are delicious. I am looking forward to continuing my gut healing journey… 

PS: The “start with why" section is awesome!" 

Ivana Strakova Testimonial

Ivana Strakova

Project Manager

"I loved the "My Secret Weapon" part. It pointed out the best medicine for detox and restoring energy. I decided to take the juice tip and include it in my morning routine to help heal my gut... and it worked. :)

Written with love, dedication and passion for a healthy lifestyle... I highly recommend this engaging guide to everyone who is seeking health inspiration, wants to detox or kick off a healing period in one's life." 

Preview: The 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge, Peggy Schirmer, Gut Feelings

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