Are You Tired of Following Outrageous Protocols that Leave You Feeling Sick and Frustrated?  

Discover how to start overcoming your gut struggles in a week...

Are You Trying to Calm Down Your Gut, But Don't Know Where to Start? 

I know...  this can be sooooooo frustrating with all the contradicting advice out there. 

Everyone is talking about getting healthy and presenting their new "best diet"... 

"Just do this, and you are healed!" REALLY? 

I assume you know already that refined sugar and fast foods are bad for your gut. Right?  


That's not very specific, isn't it? Here is something no one talks about. 

Every food you eat falls in one of two categories: either this food nourishes your body so it can heal itself, OR this food feeds pathogens in your gut (like SIBO, parasites, candida overgrowth etc.) and keeps you suffering. 

The truth is you don’t need some drug or a miracle to finally overcome your gut problems!

You just need two things. The trust in your body’s self-healing potential, and a simple diet that heals your gut. 

Why Should You Trust Peggy for Gut Healing Advice?

Peggy Schirmer, headshot

In the last three years, Peggy has supported over 100 personal clients in their healing journey. Most of them had chronic gut issues like SIBO, candida, constipation, GERD and stomach pain. 

Through Gut Feelings™, Peggy's Youtube channel, she inspires and supports over 10k health seekers daily. Here, she helps chronic gut sufferers to find their way back to digestive ease as fast as possible. 

Over 30k Gut Feelers have joined the gut-healing movement so far. On the channel, Gut Feelers from all over the world confirm the value of Peggy's contribution to their healing success. 

Peggy's heartfelt mission is to support you to become your own health expert. Instead of depending on doctors and medication, Peggy teaches you how to understand your body's symptoms so you can take simple yet powerful steps to heal your digestion naturally.

Everything You Need to Start Healing Your Gut is Packed into a Convenient Guide Just for You

Preview: The 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge, Peggy Schirmer, Gut Feelings
  • 7-Day Meal Plan - Including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snack options per day & three weekend treats to share with family or friends
  • Delicious & Simple Recipes - Gut-friendly meals that satisfy your body and your taste buds 
  • Shopping List - A done-for-you list with all the ingredients and quantities you need for your gut healing week
  • check
    Tracking Protocol - The best tool to help you stay on track and to celebrate every gut improvement along the way
  • check
    Gut Healing Supplement Recommendations - A curated explanation of the the most effective herbs, minerals and vitamins to speed up your healing process. 
  • BONUS Video Walk Through - Peggy walks you through the Gut Healing Challenge guide and explains the different elements of your week.
  • Immediate Access - After your purchase, you can access your Gut Healing Challenge straight away. This is an ebook! Want it printed? No problem! It's optimised for at home printing in A4.  

Why Wait? Start Your Gut Healing Challenge Today 

PS: Your purchase has massive impact! By committing to your one week Gut Healing Challenge you do not only support your own body to heal. But you enable Peggy to create more content that is freely available for anyone who needs healing support independent from their financial situation.  If you aren't part of the Gut Feeler family already, check out Gut Feelings™ on Youtube!


What Others are Saying...


"Surprisingly easy to integrate into my busy day-to-day work…

I love the delicious recipes and your inspiring knowledge about food. The “secret weapon” on page 34 was my personal highlight. It’s an integral part of my morning routine now." 

Encouraging, energising, doable!

The shopping list and the menu made it very easy to follow the plan. Great job!

I was suffering from a lack of energy, gas, and insomnia. Even though I'm not fully recovered yet, following your plan, my energy came back and I already sleep better. 

Miquel, Testimonial Gut Healing Challenge

Miquel Malet

Video Editor

Ivana Strakova Testimonial

Ivana Strakova

Project Manager

"I loved the "My Secret Weapon" part.  I included it in my morning routine to help heal my gut... and it worked. :) 
Written with love, dedication and passion for a healthy lifestyle... You're the best, Peggy!" 

Peggy, I can’t thank you enough for all your helpful advice! I'm 4 days into your Gut Healing Challenge and I'm starting to feel relief!

After 5 months of intense sickness, super uncomfortable bloating, severe magnesium (nutrient) deficiency and intense nausea I'm starting to feel better.

Most of my bloating has subsided as well. 

Kevin, Testimonial Gut Healing Challenge

Kevin Andrews

Linda Pankhurst, architect, Testimonial,

Linda Pankhurst


"I appreciate the Celery Juice and I can feel the difference from the first day!

After 5 days of eating mostly vegetarian meals and snacks without "fat", no dairy, no caffeine, stevia instead of sugar (much reduced), no gluten ... I feel very good and lost 2 kg!!!"

"Usually, health cookbooks are either unapproachable with crazy superfood- ingredients or just boring for me. Your gut healing guide is neither.

The recipes are easy to follow and make delicious meals within less than half an hour! Your guide brims with personality and honestly, your genuine love for life inspires me."

"I totally enjoyed Peggy’s holistic approach in the Gut Healing Challenge. It was a much simpler journey than I’ve expected. The recipes are delicious. I am looking forward to continuing my gut healing journey… 

PS: The “start with why" section is awesome!" 


I am on Day 4 and I feel lighter, more clear and energetic, less bloated and my bowels are working fabulous!

linda cooper , testimonial

Linda Cooper


Take A Look Inside the 45+ Page Ebook

This well structured, comprehensive plan guides you step-by-step through your gut healing week

Meal Plan 1, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook, Peggy Schirmer

Complete 7-day Meal Plan that gives you ease in planning your meals

GHC Preview Smoothie Bowl

Simple, Delicious Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you'll love to prepare

Shopping List with easy-to-source healing foods

GHC Preview Supplements

Best Supplements to speed up your gut healing journey

Mind Set Tools, Peggy Schirmer, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook

Tracking Protocol to help you to stay focused and to enjoy every improvement   

GHC Preview Secret Weapon

Our clients' Favourite Weapon against gut troubles!  

Food Profils Broccoli, 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge Ebook, Peggy Schirmer


Healing Food Profiles

to deepen your knowledge about the best gut healing foods

Mini, GHC Extra, Food Combining 2


Food Combining Hacks

to help you eat gut-friendly after the challenge.

What You Can Expect...

A Struggle-Free Week

You get a beautiful plan laid out in front of you. No more guessing!


Everything is taken care of... Your best breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks are all included. 

Meet Your Inner Expert

I believe our body knows best what it needs. 

You learn how to team up with your body and start understanding its (secret) messages. 

The daily tracking protocol helps you measure your progress in a fun and convenient way.  

Powerful Mindset Tool

Changing habits is not easy!


I give you my most powerful mindset tool (the one I use with 1on1 clients) to make sure you reach your health goal without a doubt. 

What You Will NOT Find 

Fancy 4-star dishes that keep you chained to the kitchen for hours

Promises like "Just take this miracle drug and your life changes forever". The truth is our body needs time, patience and kindness to heal itself. There is no quick fix. 

What Others Say About Their Gut Healing Week...

I’ve achieved relief from my lifelong constipation struggles and acid reflux! 

I also feel healthier overall through incorporating lemon juice, your secret weapon and Hawaiian spirulina into my diet. 

Thank you, Peggy! I’ve learned so much from you! 

Jay Roberts Retired Tennis Pro

I have dropend a dozen of MD's as soon as I learned about you. 

I have bought your book and most of the supplements you recommend.

I will keep in touch like no other. Lots of love! You are #1 hands down! 

Ray Zhilak Self-Employed

Hi Peggy, greetings from Fairbanks. Alaska. I’m 63 yrs old type 2 diabetic. I have been applying your tips and ideas to my daily diet for 2 weeks and I must say I never felt better ever in my entire life.

I’m so surprised that after eating a big fruit my blood sugar stays 100 or less. I think my insulin resistance is gone! I love it and I also sleep better. 

I can’t thank you enough!

Paul Stefan commented on Gut Feelings™

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work!


My breakthroughs... significantly lower to almost no symptoms/pain with following health issues within weeks (!!!): Histamine intolerance, brain fog and bad memory losses, Fructose"intolerance", chronic gut pain, bloating,  chronic UTI's, heartburn, hay fever (I was on daily medication), thyroid problems and so much more...

Lilith86Bella commented on Gut Feelings™ 

My symptoms significantly improved ~mental clarity ~energy ~less secretions ~no sinus pressure

Carl Hentjie Palmes  commented on Gut Feelings™

Carl, Testimonial Gut Healing Challenge

This is my fourth day.

My gut peristalsis has improved. Waking up anxious and chest tightness has gone completely!

I love the recipes!

Doreen Adamson, retired  (submitted via email)

Hi Peggy, thanks for all you do! I have made significant digestive improvements on your healing plan I cannot thank you enough. 

Emily commented on Gut Feelings™

Emily, Testimonial Gut Healing Challenge

"The One Week Gut Healing Challenge" is an awesome start to my new health regime - thank you Peggy!

Citizen888 commented on Gut Feelings™

citizien888, Testimonial Gut Healing Challenge

Peggy made me feel hopeful & that healing is possible. I purchased the eBook & I have worked on changes for my family in a medium rate speed.

I love Peggy’s energy. She’s like a friend who calls & says “hello, I’m thinking of you.”  

Lucy Deleonstay at home mom (submitted via email)

Enlightening, empowering and cleansing!

I bought your ebook to find out more about what I should eat. This new way of eating is helping me figure out what works for my body.

I think you're doing a fantastic job!

Liz F., writer  (submitted via email)

Preview: The 1 Week Gut Healing Challenge, Peggy Schirmer, Gut Feelings

Start Your 1-Week GUT HEALING CHALLENGE Today!

GHC Offer 6/19

Why would you wait for more confusion to rise when healing your gut can be simple and fun?

With your purchase you commit to taking your gut health back into your own hands. Once you understand what your body is trying to tell you, it's easy to start healing your gut! 

Get Immediate Access to Your Guide Now

PS: With your purchase, you enable Peggy to create more free online healing support for you and others who are dedicated to regain their vitality and energy. Check out Gut Feelings™ on Youtube! 

Not sure if the Gut Healing Challenge is the right program for you? 

Check out the FAQ video where Peggy answers common questions around the Gut Healing Challenge guide. 

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