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Learn how to transform your gut struggles into pain-free ease and thriving wellbeing.

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Peggy Schirmer is a certified naturopath, accredited project manager (PMI) and trained in process-oriented psychology.

"You gave me my life back, Peggy!"

I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. I feel confident - I don’t even lift weights, only do rebounding, cardio and push ups.

I was so skinny, not healthy. 

And now I am doing things I was never able to do. 

I exercise twice per day, I feel motivated and strong and love my work more than ever before. You gave me my life back, Peggy!


"I’ve worked with more than 10 doctors before!"

When I came to Peggy I was really tired. I lacked energy and strength. I couldn’t focus well or digest my food properly. I was having lots of issues. 

After working with her, my digestion has improved, my skin has improved. I have clarity and I can focus. I have energy to do the things I want to do, and am finally getting back into work. And she made the whole process so easy. And trust me I know, I’ve worked with more than 10 doctors and healthcare workers before her. Working with her was a breeze and a breath of fresh air!

Peggy, thank you again so much. You are a rare gem, and I am so glad to have worked with you and have you in my life!

Are you are struggling with...?

Digestive Problems, Pain 
or Malabsorption
Not Knowing What to Eat Anymore
Feeling Confused or Frustrated 
Low Energy, Burnout or Sleeping Problems
Weight Problems - too much or not enough 
Allergies or Food Sensitivities

...then it's time to start working with Peggy.

"It's been 20 years of struggle"

I was skeptical about working with Peggy as I went through doctors and naturopaths without major improvements to my IBS, endometriosis, insomnia, and low energy. It's been 20 years of struggle! And I was worried because I was so sensitive to foods and supplements, including celery juice and B12. 

Now, after only six months, I am doing things I thought were out of reach! I feel like a different person, wife, and mother. 

What other clients are saying...

Nathalie Verboven Feedback

It's great to wake up at 7 and feel so alive again!

Your feedback, in-depth medical knowledge, the mindset tools and the daily tracking protocol helped me to stick with it, increase my awareness & feel 100% supported during my journey.

Nathalie Verboven
Spiritual Guide & Coach

Anna Verstreken Testimonial Peggy Schirmer

Finally, I feel more energised, lighter and connected to my body. 

Being in the menopause, I didn’t expect to see improvements so quickly: my skin, my hot flushes (gone!), my sleep and my energy level improved!

Anna Verstreken 

Trevor feedback, coaching client, Peggy Schirmer

Thank you, Peggy, for rekindling my spark for life and taking away my feeling of imprisonment.

My energy levels improved, my awareness and concentration soar and my worries reduced day by day. Health is here for me, now! 

Trevor Sobers 


"I don't know what's wrong with my gut. I've tried everything!"

If you’re frustrated with bouncing around from doctor to doctor, and you still don’t have answers, you are not alone! I've been there for years trying to understand what's happening in my body as well!  

Have you been diagnosed with SIBO, candida, IBS, colitis or other gut-related ailments? Are you fed up with constant bloating, pain before or after eating, acid reflux or food intolerances? Do you feel anxious and confused about what to eat because you seem to react to everything? 

I've been there too! I remember feeling like a failure. I always heard my inner voice saying: "it's your fault that you are suffering!" I felt completely alone, misunderstood and was unable to function both socially and professionally. It's been 16 years of searching and trying to find real answers to my never-ending health struggles (severe allergies, digestive issues, low energy and burnout).

I know, with so much conflicting information about health and diet out there, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

Most gut sufferers find me after years of trying out different treatments from both, alternative and conventional medicine. They have spent hours at the doctors' offices, paid for expensive lab results, tried out all kinds of diets and bought dozens of special supplements and superfoods, only to feel small, insignificant improvements.

This odyssey doesn't have to continue for you! The freedom to do what you love and enjoy your day to day life is what you deserve! No matter how long you've been suffering, your body can still heal itself! It's not too late. 

Not sure yet if we're the right fit?

The loss of my father to cancer in my teenage years kickstarted my search for health and healing. Struggling with chronic health challenges myself, my desire to understand how to heal, grew stronger day by day.

After studying medicine in Germany, I had more unanswered questions than ever before. So, I started deeply engaging in holistic medicine and became a certified naturopath. Instead of trying to "fix what is broken," I experienced profound healing. If you would like to learn more about my credentials, watch
this video.

I trust in you and in your body's ability to heal itself! It's not too late to recover!

Peggy Schirmer, coaching clients, 1on1 support 2

"My whole body feels different now..."

I suffered from malabsorption, psoriasis and skin sensitivity since forever!!!! After six weeks with Peggy, I completely stopped using any medical creams even after having a bath or a shower. My skin almost healed entirely after about two months. I feel my body now fully uses what I eat.

I love how you combine healing foods with holistic practices for healthier everyday life including meditation and mindset work. Thank you for your warm-hearted guidance and professional support. I finally feel like myself again!