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May 8, 2021, Hiking and a cracked tooth

May 8, 2021
It’s Saturday.
What a day! 7+ hours hiking through the “neighborhood”. Sweat, sun, ocean, jungle, community, and green juice at the end.
I don’t know how I came to experience a life like this.
So rich, so loving, so loved and alive. Feeling the strength of my body, strolling through nature, and exploring new places… there are no words for it.
And then… the OCEAN!
Oh, ocean. My newfound love. I respect you. A lot!
You’re wild and free and gentle.
You nourish all life, you’re part of my body, and help me connect to the subtle worlds inside.
I love you.
On my way back, I cracked my tooth eating popcorn in the bus. Unlike other times, I didn’t panic because of dental issues. Probably because I was too tired and grounded from all the hiking, sun, and nature experience.
Instead, I passed by our local dentist in my pueblo, not expecting to encounter anybody as it was past 4 PM on a Saturday.
The door was open, I could explain my issue to the assistant and I was ordered in immediately.
What an amazing help.
I didn’t know how bad it was as I haven’t had time to look at the tooth myself. It just felt really cracked up. And the possibility of needing to extract the whole tooth was in the back of my mind.
After an x-ray, both dentists (yes, there were two! LOL) agreed that the tooth could be saved and just needed a crown.
We took a sample with a mold and I walked home with a blue post-it note stating my next week’s appointments and the personal Whatapp number from my new dentist Dr. Orlando.
How awesome is that???
Grateful. Grateful. Blessed.
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