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April 28, 2021, Wednesday – Motorbike Hunting, Losing my phone & the Darien Gap

April 28, 2021, Wednesday - Motorbike Hunting, Losing my phone & the Darien Gap

Wow. What a day. The idea of renting or buying a motorbike has been in my head a while now. 

And today, I went for it. Taking a 1.5h bus ride to get to Puerto and check out the big city with its moto dealers. Seeing myself cruising on a bike and exploring the scenery feels exciting. 

I almost bought a cool red one this afternoon. Though something in me said “wait a minute” and I decided to sleep over it and left without making the purchase. 

Now, after asking my wise friend google it seems like I have to be resident in Mexico to register the bike. Or ask a Mexican friend to register it in his/her name. It’s a whole procedure with getting the bike to the different offices for registration and license plates…

I am not sure, I am really up for it. Maybe buying one in Panama is a better option… 

Ahhhh… I just watched a short docu about refugees crossing the Darien Gap, the wildest jungle between Columbia and Panama. Many people died on the harsh 10+day hike through the wilderness. It’s so touching to see how strong-willed we can become. Going through the incredible wilderness in sneakers because they don’t have anything else, not even money to buy gummi boots. Wow.

I am thinking of the opposite. Millionaire kids who never needed to work or put any effort into “making a living”. It sounds weird but I remember in my life’s moments of the hardship I got so much stronger. I felt ALIVE. 

Having everything on a silver plate can be just as painful as struggling for food. 

How is it that people with very little means are often the most generous, the ones that smile a lot and share community? 

Today, one moment after leaving the bus, I noticed that my phone wasn’t in its usual place in my backpack. And my thoughts immediately went to “OMG, I forgot it on the bus!” 

Screaming I run after it but with no chance of getting the driver’s attention. On top it was a highway, so within seconds, the bus was gone. Luckily a woman on a scooter saw me and immediately stopped. I jumped on and we chased the bus for about 15 minutes until we finally got the driver’s attention via my wild hand signals of “phone” and “bus” LOL 

I was sooooo touched that this lady helped me out without hesitating. The bus driver stopped and we searched for the phone together… 

Turns out it was in between my folded straw hat safety stored in my backpack, Haha! The journey and experience were worth it though. 

I’ve been living in Central America for over two years now… and it almost feels “normal” how helpful and kind people are to each other. They just help out. That’s what’s normal. Everybody needs somebody to help. I am in the right place here. 🙂 

Thank you life for this rich day. I am blessed. 

May I share the gift and freedom and kindness and be aware of my precious special life every waking moment. Life, I love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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