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April 27, 2021 Tuesday (2) Nomad-Life

April 27, 2021 Tuesday (2) Nomad-Life

Why do I like traveling so much?

What makes me move to another place every two-ish months? 

It feels exciting. I like change. It keeps me awake to the beauty of every day, By business feels like my roots. My body is portable. A tree that can grow roots wherever I am. 

I am at home in nature. By the fire. In the jungle – barefoot. Strolling through the forest, not knowing the path ahead yet. Nothing with me, just myself. No phone, no water, no food. Just me. Ready to cherish the miracles along the way: a spring, a fruit tree, an edible leaf on the ground. 

Funny enough it doesn’t feel like I am traveling “a lot”. It feels natural. Almost like a rhythm. 

Is there another part of me that wants to buy some land in the tropics, plant a lot of fruit trees, and build a tiny house on it? 

YES! Most definitely. I love imagining this possible future. 

And the part that wants to explore, that wants to dance wildly with life and be anything but static…

Is so much more prominent at this time. 

It seems like I flowing with life… along a path that I know is there. The path seems to appear just a second before my foot lands on the next piece of earth. It reveals itself while I am living. 

I am thinking of buying (or renting if possible) a motorcycle. The jaguar in me wants to explore the area, wants to go places as the locals do. 

Is it scary? Hell, yes! 

I  just got my first driver’s license a few months ago in Panama and I’ve never driven a motorcycle. I remember: One of the five most often said things that people share on their death bed is not taking more risks. Growing up a part of me became very cautious. Some call is responsible, some risk-averse (not in my business, but in the life beside it). 

Life’s been so good to me. I am blessed to have the freedom to play. And I am grateful for the journey to arrive here. It taught me to appreciate this freedom. I was not a rich family’s kid. I was super spoiled nevertheless. 

Leaving my nest in the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland after 3 years to venture out and start my own business was a risk that felt unavoidable. It was me! There was hardship ahead that I had no glue about… BUT it was worth it. 

The times I shared this story with friends or colleagues they often look mesmerized and commented with “you should make a video about this”. Let’s see… I might 😉

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