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April 21, 2021, Wednesday

April 21, 2021, Wednesday

Grateful. Feeling nourished on many levels. Connected.

This town feels like home even if not much time has passed since I am here.

Some places just feel like that even before I move there… My heart knows immediately. Time is just a playful extra in this equation.

Vegan, deluxe dinner with Annette, Michel, and Jesse in their lovely backyard. My heart’s just happy when I am cooked for. Seems like I really am a cat inside. Cat’s love to be touched (if they’re in the mood of course LOL) but if you feed them they really “get it”: that’s the love they remember you for.

I want to remember these days here… many moments that feel like true perfection. The morning and evening swim in the beautiful, yet a little bit wild ocean. The “allowing myself to be seen” moments when I practice intuitive movement and toning on the beach. (Thank you Michael Jackson for holding my hand and inspiring me to share my gifts and live fully).

I am so grateful to the internet, Facebook and its local groups for the possibility of easy, and deep connecting with unlimited like-minded souls. Thank you to all the people who volunteer to create and moderate these local groups.

I love all the flavors my day had: the awesome dinner, the homemade coconut yogurt drink, the jamaica flower iced tea, the green hummus, the fresh fruits, the cooling mint. Gosh, I am in love with the tropics. It’s really my human home area. Skirt and top all year round. That’s the kind of life I am here to experience.

This brings me to the business… my baby. I love you so much. You provide me with the possibilities of living where I love, of traveling if I feel the call, of tasting all these different flavors of life: foods, nature, ocean, river, cultures, people, homes to live in. I LOVE diversity. I just do. Well, here’s the happy Gemini in me coming to the centerstage.

I am grateful for being received, for feeling deeply seen when I share my joy, my challenges, my uniqueness: both in “private” and in business. In the end, there’s no real separation between the two anyway. It melts away as I trust and allow myself to live every day a bit from my heart.

The kindness of the people: both locals and expats is heart-warming and makes me feel welcomed. Deep appreciation.

My life just keeps getting better and better, feels more rewarding, more round, and full.

I am single, I don’t have kids. My family lives on another continent. Yet, I feel more loved than ever before. There are kids, horses, friends, ocean waves, sun rays, synchronicities, body-less friends, and many more, to reflect back on the love life has for me.

My eyes become watery writing and affirming this. It’s so true. LIFE IS LOVE.

There’s nothing to really fuck up. It doesn’t matter when I die because I am eternal. I am life. I am the ocean, the wind, the lover, the murderer, the alien, it’s all in me.

My heart rejoices watching MJ videos and interviews on Youtube. He felt it too. The more I give the richer and happier and fulfilled I feel. There is nothing else that matters more.

That’s what Findhorn was all about. I saw it when I arrived there… the warmth of the heart, the giving… yet I could not quite understand it. It felt good to receive but I didn’t get it.

Now I do. There’s more to love, more to open up to, more heart to flow through me.

But the door is open. Living from my heart is the safest way to be. Because this energy penetrates EVERYTHING. Nobody, no human, no animal, no plant, no element is immune to this frequency. Lady Diana lived it, MJ lived it (200000 people in one concert showing up for one man to entertain them), and many more humans (and many non-human civilizations *HiGuys*) have it. The mother around the street feels it when she sees her son running after and playing with the dog… This planet is FILLED with love and with people who “got it”. Now I see it.


I can only see what a vibrational match too. To see the goodness and kindness and innocence in people, I’ve got to allow it to blossom in myself first. And then…. It’s everywhere.

Thank you, Peggy. I love you. I love that you are here. My love through you reaches every corner of the universe. A shared heartbeat. You are loved beyond understanding.

Everyone is a genius. The only difference between Michael Jackson and “Mr. Unknown” is that he wasn’t afraid of shining and sharing his light. Or maybe he was afraid but he did it anyway. 😉 Beautiful souls. There are no mistakes. We don’t die. We wake up from a beautifully intense dream and leave the movies with popcorn sprinkled all over our lap. It’s a great movie, I’ll stay a while longer. 🙂

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