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April 23, 2021, Friday

April 23, 2021, Friday

FSL Exercise

(*Finding Silver Linings)

I feel uprooted. My apartment already got rented for the next month and I would’ve liked to stay here one month longer. 

  1. This is a top-floor apartment. As the summer months are coming quickly now, this ceiling will get VERY hot. So, it might be a blessing to move places in town. 
  2. Life’s always right. Can I trust that this is a blessing in disguise? Doesn’t life always carry me, just like floating on the waves in the ocean this morning? Who knows what’s ready for me in 2.5 weeks when I move out of this place? 
  3. When one door closes, another one opens. Isn’t it fun and exciting to know that change will bring new adventures, new experiences, new gifts with it? Isn’t that what I love about my life… the flow, the opportunity, and the freedom to travel and shapeshift? Exciting thoughts! 

I feel grateful for having this tool at hand and for taking the time to change my perspective. Feels powerful and peaceful. Gracias a la Vida. 

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