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April 25, 2021, Sunday, Ocean & Money & My Heart

April 25, 2021, Sunday, Ocean & Money & My Heart

Floating and swimming in the ocean twice today, 

I feel like I never want to live anywhere without the ocean close by. 

I love the jungle. The first time I came to Panama, I knew, I felt that jungle = my home. 


It’s nice to see the surfers riding the waves. Many surfers seem to have this addiction to the waves, to the ocean. 

I never “got it”.

I saw them and thought “that’s not me”. 

Until now…

I am still not interested in surfing but the water, the salt, the waves and most of all how I feel afterward tells me otherwise. 

My body LOVES the ocean. My nervous system loves this ocean. My adrenal glands love the ocean. 

I can feel the ocean now. The fear of the giant water masses and the hidden underground turned into feeling connected, feeling the waves, feeling the ocean…

It’s intimate and powerful. 


I feel honoured to be received by this element. 

Water: Endless depth, endless power. 




It’s having time and space to explore places, nature, people’s way of living.

It’s a deep dive into the unknown AND it feels safe.


Money is part of abundance. 

I am grateful for the freedom it brings me. 

I appreciate how money helped me grow and to come closer to myself. 

It helped me and motivated me to build a business that grows as I do. 

Money helped me to see that what I deeply desire is living from my heart. 


Feeling connected to the wisdom of my heart is the ultimate abundance.

I am grateful for all the diversity and adventure in my life.


I wake up and all doors are open. The day is fresh, ready and has no limits (unless my mind takes over LOL). 


Water, the ocean teaches me to ride the waves of my life. 

To trust in the depth and safety of floating. 

Surrendering is not passive. Trust is an active form of living from my heart. 


I remember the last post from Jon about the five things people regret before dying:

One of them: To not have taken more risks.

Another one: To not have given more. 

Another one: To care much about what other people think. 


It’s such a gift to myself (and beyond) to allow myself to be and express and share who I am in this moment. 


As Ryok said: We are all geniuses. 


It’s only a matter of allowing my Peggy-ness to be. 

The more Peggy can be, the more compassion and love I’ll be able to feel for other people. 


We are all unique. AND connected with each other. 


I wanna play more. Play life more. 

The adult and the child in me talk at eye level. 

They are both wanted, loved, and valued. 


I feel love for you, Peggy. 

I feel gratitude for life. 

I honor this experience.

I intend to respond every day more from my heart, the true seat of my soul. 

My heart is the safest place on earth. 


Today in three words: Indulge, float, honor

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