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Celery Juice Die-Off Symptoms

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This article is about celery juice die-off symptoms and here’s what you learn…


  1. Answers to the most commonly asked questions about celery juice and
  2. How to avoid strong detox reactions, like rashes, nausea, bloating, and Herxheimer reaction


I don’t know you personally, but…


Have you tried implementing celery juice in your healing protocol only to be left with more symptoms than before?


Then this article is written for you!


Maybe you’ve been asking yourself…


Am I allergic to celery?


Why do I have diarrhea, cramps, bloating, or pain after drinking celery juice?


I have blood pressure problems. Is celery juice OK?


I am pregnant. Is it safe for me to consume celery juice daily? Or should I wait? 


I’ve been successfully working with celery juice with hundreds of 1-on-1 clients and within the 50k Gut Feeler Community over on Youtube!


No matter if you are suffering from gut issues like SIBO, candida, IBS, bloating, stomach pain, food intolerances, or severe “autoimmune diseases”…


Celery juice can be the game-changer for you and your healing progress!


If you like to learn more about the 7 most powerful healing benefits of celery juice, watch this video!



Is it a detox reaction or am I allergic to celery?


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1. Understanding different types of reactions to celery juice


There is one major difference when it comes to celery juice side effects.


Ask yourself which of the categories fits you best!


A. Are you having symptoms like bloating, chills, fatigue, mild abdominal pain, diarrhea, or cramping after consuming 8-16 oz of celery juice?




B. After a drop of celery juice, you have a severe, immediate reaction like mouth burning, trouble with breathing, and swollen throat that endangers your oxygen flow.


If you experience symptoms of category B, that’s a stop sign from your body. This might be a precursor for an anaphylactic shock that needs immediate medical attention.


However, this extreme reaction to healing food like celery is extremely rare!


And the chances are high, as you are reading this, your symptoms are of category A.


Be assured that bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation, fatigue, and brain fog are very likely NOT an allergic reaction but a part of a cleansing process.


Although celery is a vegetable. Celery juice is an incredible, powerful medicinal drink!


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2. What you need to know about allergy testing


Now, you might say: But, I have done an allergy test and I know for sure, I am allergic to celery! 

I understand your concern!


I suffered from allergies for over 15 years and ran from test to test to find out what’s happening with me.


If you want to learn more about allergies and food intolerances watch this playlist!


Here’s the deal with all these IgG, IgE, etc. tests… they are NOT accurate!




Because we haven’t understood yet what we are actually testing! Academic medicine still believes that the human body attacks itself when it comes to allergies, “auto-immune” conditions, and food intolerances.


Often the most healing foods for your body will show up on your allergy test. Doctors do NOT understand what’s really happening in your body!


Healing foods like celery juice kills off pathogens. This rapid cleansing process triggers the release of histamine release in your body.


No need to be scared! This is a natural process!


But here comes the problem with celery juice allergy tests…


The allergy test “detects” only the release of histamine. It doesn’t tell you WHY this food increased the histamine levels in your blood.


And suddenly, you leave the doctor’s office with a long list of false-positive healing foods.


I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did for over a decade!


Learn more about celery juice in this book

celery juice book



3. The best detox helper to lower celery juice die-off symptoms


Wheater you are experiencing mild or stronger die-off symptoms from celery juice, there is a way to make it easier for you and your body:


Celery juice draws out toxins from inside your liver and kills pathogens like H.pylori and strep in your stomach. This toxic waste and pathogen-debris then float in your bloodstream.


To support your body to excrete it faster, I recommend including a wonderful, nutrient-dense food called SPIRULINA in your daily protocol.


I recommend adding 1-2 teaspoons of high-quality spirulina powder in your smoothies or salad per day.

If you don’t like the taste, take 5 tablets twice per day.


Vimergy Spirulina CapsSpirulina Powder








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Celery Juice Detox Symptoms


Celery juice detox symptoms are one of the most discussed problems with this powerful healing juice. In this video, we look into WHY you experience detox symptoms in the first place.


And then I share three simple tips to overcome bloating, digestive discomfort, itchy throat, skin breakouts, or other side effects you might experience with including celery juice in your healing protocol.



3 Simple Tips to Stop Discomfort & Suffering


In this video, you learn WHY you experience detox symptoms in the first place.


And then I’ll give you 3 simple tips to overcome the bloating, digestive discomfort, itchy throat, skin breakouts, or other side effects you might experience with including celery juice in your healing protocol.


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If you are dealing with a massive detox reaction, you might need to do a gentle 1-week gut cleanse before drinking celery juice daily.


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  1. very good data. Great Video.
    Question: I do celery juice since 4 month. But I still have times of depression, intense tiredness, pains all over, and numbness …pains seem to expand in new areas, partially heavy pains, numbness as well, despite I am already on 32 ounces. I read all the books of A. William, great, I think he is right. I do the supplements he promotes and my diet is perfect. I must admit body was very sick (Lyme, A. W. says it is Epstein-Barr plus heavy metals)
    Since 3 month I do his smoothie as well. Question: Is it “normal” that I still run into this intense die-off-effects? With pain in new areas? Your answer is very very appreciated. mlv H.

    1. Overcoming Epstein-Barr can take 6 months to a year, or even 18 months with extreme cases.
      Just keep up the good work!! ?

    2. I’m curious how you’re doing now Horst. I started 6 weeks ago and started aching after the first month. Did you find it was related? Did it improve when you continued, or stopped drinking celery juice?
      Appreciate your response! Lineke

  2. Hi there! I’ve been having a lot of discomfort in my hips, lower back, legs, feet besides the brain fog and tiredness…. are these all detox symptoms?!

  3. What if you cannot tolerate Hawaiian spirulina because it causes severe stomach pain and the detox is too unbearable from the celery juice even in tiny amounts. I’ve also tried cucumber and that was not tolerable either. What to do??

  4. Great video! Thank you for your insight 🙂
    I’ve been drinking celery juice for about two years now and have noticed rashes forming on my inner arms. I’ve increased to 32 ounces over the last few weeks and I’ve noticed the rashes are coming more often. Would you consider this to be a detox reaction or an allergic reaction? Thank you!

  5. Dear Peggy,
    thank you for the great information! Very helpful!
    When drinking CH, even just a small anount, I experience really bad muscle aches and pains.
    My histamine levels rise quickly and it’s hard to get through the day. I would not like to stop though.
    Please could you explain those really bad muscle aches?
    I know we’re all individuals, but how long might that last? I might be able to cope for a little while, but many months? – definitely not.
    Unfortunately I have the same reaction with spirulina.

    Would appreciate your input. Thank you!

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