Finally No More Antibiotics.

How to Start Healing Your Stomach in Just 1 Week!  

Fully heal your stomach WITHOUT antibiotics or expensive supplements. 

I teach you everything you need to see real stomach-healing progress in just one week.

Surprisingly simple & logical

JUlia Dawe - 23 Yrs.

I took the 1-week challenge because my stomach has been burning in pain for a year now. Surprisingly the healing process is simple but logical. That's great!

And the foods on the plan are pretty good. 10/10! Thank you, Peggy!

The 1-Week Stomach Healing Challenge Guide

Learn everything you need to heal from acid reflux, h.pylori, throat burning, gastritis and stomach pain

Stomach Healing Challenge
  • 7-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Delicious, stomach-healing Recipes
  • Daily Healing Protocol
  • Supplement Guidance
  • Easy-to-fill-in Tracking Protocol
  • Healing Foods & Why They Work
  • Trigger Foods & Drinks to Avoid 
  • Wisdom: The #1 Rule of Stomach Healing
  • My Best Tools to Overcome Food Anxiety & Prepare Your Stomach for Optimal Digestion

Take A Look Inside The 1-Week Stomach Healing Guide

This well structured, comprehensive plan guides you step-by-step through your stomach healing week

preview SHC 2

Complete 7-day Meal Plan that gives you ease in planning your meals

preview SHC 3

Simple, Stomach-Healing Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

preview SHC 4

Shopping List with easy-to-source healing foods

preview SHC 7

Daily Healing Protocol

to help you do exactly the right thing at the right time

preview SHC 5

Tracking Protocol to help you to stay focused and to enjoy every improvement   

preview SHC 9

Food isn't Everything - Learn two simple things to do BEFORE each meal to digest better

preview SHC 6

Stomach-Healing Allies: natural fruits, veggies, plants & more that help heal your stomach faster

preview SHC 8

EXTRA 1 - Stomach Wisdom to help you become independent from doctors and meds

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EXTRA 2 - Supplement Guidance to speed up your gut healing journey

How Gut Feelers Just Like You Healed...

Acid reflux & sleep better
acid reflux GHC, email, testi, Vincent
Rafael, SHC, feels better, bad breath, saved my life
SHC, stomach pain gone, email, testi, MAry1
saw benefit in 1 day, stabbing pain went away (1)
Testimonial, Acid reflux, candida healed 99% (1)
H.pylori, YT, testi, Steph
h pylori healed with CJ (1)
Testimonial, all my health issues are gone (1) (1)
SHC & GHC, Justin, testi_1

Due to having Covid during the challenge, I wasn't able to include all healing steps. However, I am surprised by the full impact of stress and emotions on my stomach.  

The best part of the week for me was to calm down my thoughts just before eating/drinking.

Moving forward, I'll continue with the recommended foods and slowly add them in, along with the mental exercises. 

Tommy Power

United Kingdom, 35 yrs

feeling better, SHC (1)

Ten Out Of Ten Stars! Thank you, Peggy. 

Kaoutar, 32

I was tired of being tired all the time!

I learned that it's not just about food! Working on my stress I can feel steep improvements. thank you ?

Everything in the stomach challenge is well explained. When i understood the cause of my stomach pain I was able to fully commit. 

Thank you for you help i really appreciate it.

Having your support has helped though I am taking a course of antibiotics as well and am feeling a lot better now. 

You are very inspirational and have been part of my healing journey. Thank you. 

Elizabeth Seville, 53 yrs

I took the challenge because of my burning stomach pain.

The best part of the week was that I didn’t have any pain!!!

Valerie McClure, 61 yrs

I was diagnosed with Hpylori and I had a terrible pain.

I have improved a lot thank you so much, I did a good investment and I know what to do just when my stomach doesn't act right

Justine Luvanda, 30 yrs

h pylori testimonial

I tried doctors pills for several years. They made the stomach pain and gastritis bearable but didn't healed it. 

During this week, I discovered how well my body felt with lighter meals. Also, I had now idea how much emotion and feelings are involved in getting sick and also healing. 

Thank you Peggy, this has been really helpful.

This has been really helpful

Zachary - 39 Yrs.

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Why Should You Trust Peggy for Gut Healing Advice?

Peggy Schirmer is a certified naturopath, specialising in gut health.

So far Peggy has supported 400+ personal clients in their healing journey. Most of them suffered from chronic gut issues like bloating, malabsorption, SIBO, candida, constipation, GERD and stomach pain. 

Through "Gut Feelings" (Youtube channel) we inspire and support around 6k health seekers daily. Here, chronic gut strugglers get help to achieve digestive ease as fast as possible. 

Over 70k Gut Feelers have joined the healing movement so far. Gut Feelers from all over the world testify the validity of her support through their new-found hope and lasting gut relief. 

Peggy's heartfelt mission is to support you to become your own health expert. Instead of depending on doctors and medication, Peggy teaches you how to understand your body's symptoms so you can take simple yet powerful steps to heal your digestion naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Stomach Healing Guide?

Immediately. The ebook will be send to your email box immediately after your purchase. 

What's the difference between the Gut Healing Challenge and the Stomach Healing Challenge?

The SHC is designed to support healing from stomach infections like H.Pylori, as well as general stomach inflammation, gastritis, GERD, heartburn, stomach acid problems, ulcers, acid reflux, and LPR. 

The GHC is a more general guide to improve your digestion, e.g. irregular bowel movements, food intolerances, cramping, SIBO, candida, and malabsorption. 

How do I know this challenge will work for me?

The Stomach Healing Challenge is designed to help you lower inflammation, restore natural stomach balance and support your stomach to heal itself with specific foods and minimal supplements. 

The challenge addresses all three root causes of stomach issues and therefore can help you break out of the vicious cycle of PPIs and antibiotics. 

I don't have a computer. Can I access the guide on my phone?


All of Peggy's products and programs are accessible on mobile (android, iPhone), tablet and desktop. 

What are the costs in Euro, Pound and Canadian Dollar?

There are no additional or hidden fees for converting US to your currency. To see the exact price, please use Google to see the current exchange rate. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like the program?

Due to the nature of digital products, we do NOT offer refunds once you have made the purchase. 

Can you send me a hardcopy? 

While we do not ship a hardcopy of the Stomach Healing Challenge, Peggy made sure you receive it in a digital format that can be easily printed out at home or in any copy shop. 

The product is in .pdf format and optimised for printing in standard A4 format. 

I have a question about the challenge!