Candida Overgrowth – What REALLY Causes it & How I Finally Healed

Candida Overgrowth - What Really Causes it & How I Finally Healed

This video is about candida die off and the underlying causes of candida overgrowth. If you are struggling with candida or candida die off symptoms, maybe you’ve been on an anti-candida diet for weeks or you are newly diagnosed with candida overgrowth, this video is made for you.

It is possible to allow Candida naturally grow back by addressing the deep causes for your health issues.

I’ll be also sharing my years of struggles with candida die off. And how understanding my body helped me to heal. Not only the chronic yeast infect but my allergies, low immunity, low energy and “leaky gut” symptoms, too.

Do you want candida to die off !?

Candida is NOT the problem, it’s an alarming symptom.

This article is about candida albicans. What does it really mean when you are suffering from candida overgrowth?

By understanding what really happens in your body you are able to address the underlying causes of your candida symptoms.

You’ll be learning to see Candida overgrowth in a new light. Instead of focusing on Candida die off, you learn to see what huge benefit this yeast actually has for your body.

As a first aid kit, Candida literally saves your body from greater damage! Let’s understand why!

Candida die off (Part 1) – Yeast Infection Causes

For me personally, Candida has been an issue since I am twelve years old. I’ve suffered from various health issues and symptoms e.g. low energy, fatigue, allergies, brain fog, memory problems etc.

My story with candida is related to my very strong allergy symptoms. It started when I was 5 years old and escalated at the age of 14. Apart from that, I’ve also been suffering from a very low immunity. So basically, I’ve got every flu or cold around me. Feeling constantly weak and never really healthy. And these problems just built up over time.

I’ve been on anti-candida diets on and off for almost 8 years.

I tried everything to force candida die off. But nothing wasn’t really successful long-term to eliminate my chronic yeast infection.

Today, I’d love to share my experience with candida die off and how I’ve healed my body. This now became my profession and I feel honoured to support you in your healing journey the best I can.

Let’s start with this idea of fighting against candida, wanting candida die off.

I must admit I promoted this anti-candida war myself for years after becoming a naturopath, trying to help my clients to overcome candida overgrowth.

Right now, I’ve arrived at another point. And I am just giving that knowledge to you and you do whatever you want to do with it, okay?

I know I am up against the current mainstream of anti-candida diet and leaky gut movement. So telling you something very contrary to this, I am preparing inside for going against the wind here. It’s up to you to take it or leave it.

Okay. So this is how I see Candida now, after learning a lot about my own body and studying this together with other leading-edge health experts. Candida is actually a symptom. We’ve been told the candida overgrowth is the big problem for the body.

But actually, candida albicans overgrowth is just something that surfaces, a symptom. Today I will be sharing with you lies underneath the surface. We’ll be talking about the three root causes that make the yeast proliferate in our body.

If you have candida, instead of putting energy into how to die off and fight candida. I recommend you to invest in how to support your body to stabilise itself so the candida does naturally grow back.

This is how I finally was able to heal my candida issue. Now let’s talk about what lies underneath the iceberg. What really stresses your body when it displays symptoms like yeast infections.


1. Candida symptoms show up when your body is burdened with toxic heavy metals.

candida symptoms - toxic heavy metals

The problem with these toxic heavy metals is that there are so deep in our body tissue, you won’t be able to detect them with blood tests etc. We are talking about mercury, cadmium, lead and substances like that.

What happens is with heavy metals like mercury, for example, is that they oxidise. That’s what heavy metals do, they oxidise after a while. Now they are extremely toxic to the body. They negatively affect our nervous system. They cause damage to our digestive system and create high inflammation all over our body.

And know, I tell you a secret that is still not in the mind of neither conventional nor alternative medicine:

Candida feeds off these oxidised heavy metals and so saves the body from greater damage.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent. Candida overgrowth isn’t the problem. Rather it’s your body’s first aid kit to prevent the toxins from wreaking havoc.

Candida is naturally present in our body. And when it’s present in overgrowth you can be sure that there is something happening that your body needs candida for to protect itself.

When toxic heavy metals oxidise, Candida jumps in and feeds off them. It’s important to know though that the yeast isn’t able to eliminate the toxins complete from your body. You’ll still need to support your body there, But candida can at least prevent them for a while to damage your body, especially your neurological symptom.

So if you are suffering from chronical yeast infections learn to look deeper. And take care of those heavy metals that are stored up in your body, especially in your liver and brain.

Now let’s look into another central cause of your body’s reaction to produce candida albicans in abundance. I am almost certain, this will come as a shock now for many of us who’ve been taught about leaky gut symptoms. This is such a widespread concept, especially in alternative medicine nowadays.

I admit I’ve been sharing the leaky gut theory myself. Fighting for years against conventional medicine who denies it’s existence.

Now I am “back” on the other side. I tell you why and also how the “leaky gut” problem connects to candida overgrowth.


2. A weakened digestion is another underlying cause of yeast infections.

candida die off - digestion

If you’ve been on the search for anti-candida diet and how to die off candida albicans for a while, it’s not going to be new to you: Candida overgrowth and an impaired your digestive system go hand in hand.

What you probably didn’t know is this: If you have are low in healthy stomach acid (HCL). Especially if you suffer from indigestion, heartburn, brain fog, headaches, cramps after eating etc. it is likely your body doesn’t have enough HCL. In the classical example of heartburn, the acids of bad bacteria (e.g. from Heliobacter pylori) have taken over your good stomach acid.

In fact, most of us are low in stomach acid. Even if you are not aware of having any digestive issues (yet).

Why is it a huge problem if your stomach acid is too low?

Here is what happens: If you eat something, you’re stomach acid, together with the bile from your liver, normally starts to break up the chewed food into smaller components. This makes it possible to absorb all the nutrients later on in the digestive process.

Your stomach acid is key for this pre-digestive step before the food arrives in your small and then your large intestine.

Unfortunately, a deficient in good HCL often comes in combination with an overburdened liver. Your liver is the organ that suffers the most from toxic heavy metals. When your liver comes in touch with toxins, it has two choices: Either it is able to eliminate them or, if that is not possible, it stores the toxins away in its own cells. The liver is one of our main cleansing organs. To get a feel for your liver, imagine a workaholic or Mother Theresa, dedicated to saving your body and even willing to sacrifice its own cells for the greater good.

Our liver suffers silently over the years. We do not physically feel the building up of toxic stress, it is exposed to on a daily basis. But one sure sign that our liver and likely our stomach acid has a problem is candida overgrowth.

Let’s look into how this all connected: When you eat something, the food after being chewed by your teeth arrives in the stomach. Now, if your HCL is too low and your liver doesn’t produce sufficient to bile, the food you’ve eaten can’t get the digested well. This is a big problem for your intestines. Because now the food starts rotting in your gut, in the and parts of your small and large intestine.

Rotting food in your gut is a real problem for your whole body.

This is not the same as having a real leaky gut also known as intestinal permeability. There is no such thing as undigested food particles etc. being able to get through the “mash” of your intestinal lining.

Only in the rare cases of a real leaky gut, this is possible. Micro-injuries cause toxic waste products, bacteria, food particles etc. to “leak” through your intestines and enter the bloodstream. This is an emergency and you need to call 101. If you experience symptoms such as high fever and severe abdominal pain, then you need to see a doctor immediately.

However what most alternative health practitioners call leaky gut is something completely different. We haven’t yet understood what really causes elevated levels of inflammation and a myriad of other digestive symptoms like bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhoea etc.

When food is rotting in our gut it produces a gas called ammonia. Do you remember the last time you’ve passed by or even walked through a pig sty? Did you notice an intense, stinging smell? This is ammonia.

Candida die off - pig sty

This is the same gas as the one produced in our intestines from undigested, rotting food. Ammonia is not only highly toxic to our body and produces severe inflammation symptoms. It can travel, like a ghost through the membrane of our intestines and spread all over our body. If ammonia reaches your nervous system it can cause severe damage to your neurons. Because of its high toxicity, ammonia creates inflammation whatever part of our body it reaches.

Ammonia is the real ghost behind the “leaky gut” syndrome.

To avoid confusion we should name the “leaky gut syndrome”, ammonia permeability. Because that is at the bottom of so many of our digestive and neurological problems today.

One reason why candida overgrowth is often found not only in our intestine. But rather as a systemic “invasion” within the whole body is the presence of toxic ammonia. Again, candida isn’t the culprit here. It helps to contain the damage ammonia can wreak in our body. Candida certainly isn’t able to heal our liver and HCL levels. But at least candida is on our side and not working against us.

So whatever you do, don’t focus on candida die off. Instead, start to cleanse your liver and rebuilt your natural HCL levels. Find out how to help your body in “Candida die off”: Check out Candida Cleanse (part 2), where I am sharing the 3 key elements to treat yeast infection overgrowth.

Okay, now let’s look into one more reason for candida to be present in your body in overgrowth.


3. Virus and bacteria that are deeply anchored in your inner organs are a third key player in surfacing candida symptoms.

Certain bacteria, like Strep as well as viruses, like Eppstein Barr, Shingles etc. are the real culprit behind candida overgrowth.

Unfortunately, our medical methods can’t detect viruses and bacteria that are in the later stages of their evolution. If are freshly infected with a pathogen, chances are high that our current medical diagnostics will be to not detect it in your blood, urine or stool samples. But, the viruses we are talking about here are not new. Most of them are for a very long time present in your body and have reached deeper tissue. This makes them “invisible” to our current conventional testing methods.

I recommend using Bioresonanz technology.  With this diagnostic method, you have a greater chance to get a picture of what your pathogen challenges are.

The problem with these old viruses and bacteria in your system isn’t only there presence.

Still unknown by conventional medicine is that virus and bacteria feed off certain substances (e.g. foods like dairy, eggs, gluten).

Candida die off - eggs, gluten

And as they “eat” they also secrete. These secretion products are 100 times more problematic than the pure virus or bacteria itself. Their toxicity can affect all organs in our body. For example, the shingles virus secretes neurotoxins that inflame and attack our nervous system. Other virus and bacteria excrete dermatoxins that are at the root diseases, e.g. psoriasis.

You see, candida really is only the top of the iceberg here. It’s important to look under the surface and help your body heal on the underlying causes.

Candida die off will happen by itself once you start detoxing your body and especially stop feeding the pathogens. The amazing thing about candida is that it is not only alarming to us, that something in our body needs our attention. In addition, this special yeast candida albicans feeds of the toxins that are released from the pathogens. This makes them less dangerous and protects your body from further damage. Really like a first aid kit. Even a life saver.

Candida can’t heal your body and kill the pathogens. This needs to be supported by you, your diet, certain supplements etc.

So let’s recap.


Summary on Candida (PART 1) – Candida die off – Learn about the yeast infection causes

For allowing candida to naturally regrow, we need to focus on the underlying causes.

The main causes of candida to overgrow are

  1. Your body is suffering from a load of toxic heavy metals.
  2. Because your stomach acid is too low and/or your liver is overburdened food can’t be properly digested. This leads to a rotting process in your gut which produces a highly toxic gas called ammonia.
  3. Pathogens that have deeply penetrated your inner organs are secreting toxins that the yeast is feeding off.

If you like to help your body address these causes make sure to check out Candida (Part 2) “Candida diet and candida cleanse for yeast infections”.