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Best Blender 2018 – My Favourite, Low Cost Blender in Action

Best Blender 2018, low-cost, Gut Feelings

Having had the same blender for 4 years I loved it from the first day on. Now while staying in Germany I’ve decided I can’t live without my favourite, low-cost blender Breville Blend Active and just bought a second one.

Watch my eyes full of joy while unpacking my new favourite, low-cost blender by Breville. I wasn’t gentle with the old one – daily action, crushing ice, fibre-rich wild herbs, nuts etc.. And crazy but true it still works today! Over the journey of my life I’ve had three blenders, this one was not only the long-lasting one but (believe it or not) the cheapest, too.

Below I share my unpacking joy with you and invite you for breakfast, my favourite raw, vegan, grain-free Apple Porridge.

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Transcript of “My favourite, low-cost blender in action – video”

“Hey guys. I thought I’m gonna make a video because my new smoothie maker from Breville Blend Action just arrived yesterday. Before I show that to you. The thing with this smoothie maker is that it is actually my second one. I have one but that one is still in Tenerife. But as I am here in Germany for a bit, I couldn’t do my smoothies. And the blender also did not fit in the hand luggage. And because it’s so cheap, I thought to just buy a second one. It’s so cheap and I can just gift it to friends when I leave.

A look back

I bought the first one when I was living in the UK. That is now almost four years ago. And this blender, I just love, because it’s super cheap. I had no idea, but it really can crush anything. It can crush ice, nuts, fibre-rich wild greens. I am really excited. People just ask me if I have a Nutribullet, a Vitamix or another 400 Euro super blender? All these really expensive ones. The first one Breville Blend Action I bought when I was in the UK for 29 Pounds, I think. And now this one cost me 40 Euro, or a bit less,  with package and shipping. So it’s super nice and never let me down so far. I thought I am going to unpack that together with you. And then I show you how I use it to make my breakfast with it.

It’s an apple porridge – vegan, raw and without gluten.

So let’s unpack my favourite, low-cost blender

Tada! And by the way, I’d love to give credit to someone. Because this tool was also recommended to me: The first time I saw the blender was while working in Cullerne Gardens, in Findhorn. And a team colleague had this smoothie maker, this blender. I was watching him at tea break making his green smoothies with it and it just looked so simple. So I thought, I’m going to get the same one. So thanks, Thomas, for showing me that. I still love it. Now, let’s look into the box. OMG, I was so waiting for this moment. It’s been two weeks without my blender. So I am really happy now. There we go.

After the video has finished I am going to put you the link for my favourite, low-cost blender down below. So you know where you can get the blender, too. It’s probably going to be via Amazon.

favourite, low-cost blender Breville Blend Active

Okay, I am excited to get going with it now.

It’s kind of intimate having you with me while preparing my breakfast, you know?

Okay. So then I have all these apples here. I am going to move you a bit closer, so you can see better.

So basically now, I am just putting so roughly cut up apples in there. You do not have to cut them very small. I am doing it now, just because it’s quicker to blend. I’ve just cleaned the floor, of course then things fall down.

By the way, I have one tip for you.

If you can get organic apples. And try to not wash them. Because you see, this one I’ve just left for a week or so. And it started to re-built the bacterial film on the surface. That is awesome. These bacteria are called elevated biotics. The great things about them is that they are much more powerful and strong than the normal probiotics you can buy. And what these elevated microorganisms do is supporting your body to produce Vit.B12 by itself. This takes us off the subject a bit, but it’s so interesting to know. The only way for our body to get Vit.B12 is through bacteria. Only bacteria are able to produce Vit.B12, inside our body or in another organism. These Vit.B12 producing bacteria sit at the end of your small intestine, the ileum.

The great thing about the elevated biotics is

that they actually strong enough to pass all the way through the stomach and the small intestine. The stomach’s environment is very acid and aggressive for bacteria. And that is a good thing to kill of any pathogens.

But the normal store-bought probiotics that you can supplement unfortunately die off either in the stomach or the first parts of the small intestines.

But the elevated microorganisms are strong enough to get through. So this is really gold. Don’t wash your organic fruits. Eat them like they are. And support these bacteria to arrive where there are most needed, in the end part of the small intestine. If they are plentiful there then they are going to produce Vit.B12 for you.

Yeah? Just as a little side note.

Okay now, let’s keep going.

So first I put all the apples in there.

First round. Look how shiny the bottle still looks. In a few weeks, the bottle will look different. Because when you use turmeric for example, then the colour of the bottle just changes.

This blender doesn’t have a button to press, like my first one. With my new favourite, low-cost blender you just press down to get it started.

I didn’t add a lot of water in it because I like the apple porridge pretty chunky. Okay, that was the first round. Now I add more apples. If I eat this for breakfast I take four to five apples, depending on the size.

For demonstration purposes, I am just going to do one more round. And then I show you what else I add to the porridge.

I don’t add another type of fruit. Because the less variety the better and easier it is digested.

What I do in the morning normally is first my lemon juice. And then I eat just one type of fruit. You don’t want to mix apples, oranges, bananas. You can do that, but it doesn’t make it easy for your digestion. To support your body to absorb all the nutrients from your food, it’s best practice just to eat one type of fruit. You can eat five or six pieces of that.

And then, for feeling longer saturated I add sunflower seeds.

Normally I sprout them or soak them at least in water first. But now, I didn’t prepare them as my blender just arrived. I use more or less one tablespoon of sunflower seeds.

And depending on how chunky you want to have it, you can add more or less water. I like it pretty chunky. So I am just going to add a tiny bit more water. Now, let’s see if we can do it.

Okay, that worked well. Now, I like to add some coconut chips. Try not to eat too much of it and not every morning as they contain a lot of fat. Healthy fats though, that are great for the body. Just not too much.

And what else?

Yes, to get really nice natural glucose for my brain to work well. And to also support the liver to be happy and heal some damaged liver cells – dates are awesome for your body.

And you know one reason why I was missing Tenerife so much, is because of the dates. The Canary Islands import the fresh dates from Tunisia, which is just over the ocean. I love them.

But here, I found really nice ones, too. They are super fresh and from Iran. I might put a link down below as well. So, they are from Iran and the variety is Mazafati.


favourite, low-cost blender - Mazafati Dates

They are super caramelly. I love them. I just show them to you: And the best thing is they are super moist, not hard like the classical dates from Tunisia for example. But these ones you can just touch and they are already melting away.

I also like to add cinnamon.

Cinnamon is really, really great for the intestines. It helps with digesting. It’s also anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Ginger is also great to add. I will add both of them now.

If you would add more water. They smoothie process with my favourite, low-cost blender would go very quickly. But I like it more chunky. Like a real porridge, you know?

Okay and then: Good old Germany has a lot of great organic ginger here. Which is really cheap. I am happy about that.

You know, I am very generous with cinnamon, use one teaspoon or so.

If you are on the newsletter: I just released an article about how to help yourself when you have the flu or a cold. Make sure you check that out. Using ginger here is just awesome. I got some great feedback on that. People actually did the ginger chewing that I recommend and they so good results.

A friend of mine had a sore throat for very long. And she did this ginger chewing. Before you always had problems with having a weak immune system and it really changed for her. And now she’s also rid of her sore throat, which is great.

So, I would add a thumb-sized piece of ginger. Good, and then we come close to the end. Breakfast!

I know, it doesn’t look super appetising. But if you taste it, you’re going to change. And maybe can’t get enough of it, like I do. It’s also a very good sign that the apple turned brown now. That means it’s very rich in vitamin C and it started oxidizing. This is a natural process when you crush the apple cells.

If you like it a bit pretty you can put some coconut chips on top.

And I like to put some apple pieces on top, too. So the consistency is more chunky and I have a bit more to chew.

I wonder if anyone is watching this at 9 am in the morning, here. But hey, depending on where you live it might be 8 pm in the evening or somewhere in between.

Okay, that it. Breakfast. Tada.


And if you want to have it sweeter you can always add more dates. Some stables that I like to use every time, just because of the huge health benefits are ginger and cinnamon in addition to the one type of fruit.

I did make an experiment to mix bananas and apples. It was also nice. It tasted nice. Because bananas give a different sweetness to it. But actually, I always came back to one fruit. My stomach just liked that better.

Feel free to experiment with what feels best for you.

I am curious, let me know in the comments below. I did out you the link for my favourite, low-cost blender down below. So if you want to invest in a new one, it a really affordable one – get my favourite, low-cost blender. I have it for over four years now, crushing ice and everything.

And the link for the Mazafati Dates is there, too.

I wish you a beautiful day, evening or afternoon, wherever you are right now. Let’s stay in touch.”

PS: If you want to see a good review of my favourite, low-cost blender – the Breville Blend Active have a look here.



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