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Ginger and Garlic Benefits – How can they help you heal quicker?

Ginger and Garlic Benefits - How can they help you heal quicker?

Answering a question about ginger and garlic to a friend, I thought I’d share my email answer with you. Maybe you’ll benefit from it, too.

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“Dear X,

great you are doing well up there in the north… I am impressed with your garlic sucking practice you are doing against a sore throat. First time I heard about that. You’ve asked me if ginger and garlic have different healing properties? 

Yes, ginger and garlic have different healing benefits…

Well, first of all, they are both ancient medicines, treasured as powerful immune boosters, they are equally easy to get a hold of and both very affordable. That makes them incredibly valuable for improving our health e.g. a sore throat, digestion. They are both rich in Vit.B6 and several trace minerals, e.g. copper. 

Rather than seeing them the either-or way, I suggest to imagine them as synergetic.

What unique strengths have ginger and garlic? 

Ginger and garlic - garlic cloves

Garlic is the most powerful natural antibiotic existing on the planet!

In comparison to penicillin e.g. one (!) crushed garlic clove is the equivalent to over 100 units of Penicillin. And that without negative side effects. Crazy, eh?

Pretty special for garlic is that it helps you to remove parasites and worms from the colon. And if you’ve ever felt like you’ve eaten a poisoned food, either because it has gone off or because of a toxic ingredient, ginger is at your side to help. 

Garlic helps us to lower cholesterol and normalise blood pressure. This makes it a great food for you to eat daily as a preventive and curative ingredient. Allicin is the powerful plant component that achieves this primarily. 

Although both garlic and ginger are superpower anti-inflammatory, they are specialist in different areas. Garlic is great for “auto-immune” diseases. (“autoimmune diseases” in brackets: because there are no real auto-immune diseases. Your body never attacks itself. It’s just that we haven’t found out yet what the real causes for our symptoms are – but that’s another big subject :-)) – Garlic showed good support especially with you if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, COPD, lupus, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. 

Ginger, on the other hand, has unique anti-inflammatory components called gingerols.

Ginger and garlic - ginger sliced

Gingerols are the No.1 painkiller for you: joint, muscle, and nerve pain is all treated well with ginger. After a workout or a muscle cramp, ginger is the perfect remedy. Because it allows the lactic acid that is produced by both physical, but also emotional stress, to be flushed out of your body quickly. 

For women who suffer from menstruation pain or menopause symptoms like hot flushes, ginger is great. Because it is the go-to remedy an almost instant relief. Think of ginger as a great female health supporter. 

If you ever feel all is too much or you can’t handle it anymore. Ginger is the ultimate antispasmodic. Because if you feel stressed and under pressure, ginger helps you relax.

A cup of ginger tea can calm your upset stomach and relax any other areas of tension for up to twelve(!) hours. Furthermore, it acts as a tonic for our stressed organs and muscles. So it is telling your body that it can let go, that everything is under control. For example, if your throat muscles are tight from speaking too much, or from having to hold in something you wish you could say, ginger is an amazing relaxant for the area. 

Furthermore both, ginger and garlic are powerful detox-helpers.

 They help squeeze the toxins out of our liver, our brain etc.. And then support the process of flushing them out quickly.

Crazy, eh? What power these little herbal friends hold? 

Sucking the garlic clove is great, even better would be to eat 1-4 cloves raw per day. For example in guacamole, crushed with some olive oil on toast, as a pesto ingredient etc. 

I hope this answers your question well. All the best to you both up there. Stay warm (and dry :-))

Much love to you. Peggy xxx”


To get a quick overview of the unique benefits of ginger and garlic feel free to read, download or print (.pdf-format) each’s healing profile below.


Ginger and garlic - garlic mini

Ginger and garlic - ginger mini


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