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How to Get Constipation Relief Without Laxatives

constipation relief peggy schirmer

When I met Sarah she had been struggling with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and constipation since the birth of her second child.

This was 15 years ago!

Before we met, she did EVERYTHING she was told from her GP and gastroenterologist to relieve her constipation, cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, and gas:

  • She took over-the-counter laxatives (Dulcolax) three times daily 
  • Sarah drank tons of water (which made her bloated and gassy)
  • She took magnesium supplements (magnesium hydroxide and magnesium citrate)
  • She drank senna tea and added “soluble” fiber (psyllium husk and methylcellulose) to her diet
  • And performed the "perfect squatting position" on the toilet to find constipation relief 

Nevertheless, Sarah was lucky to have one bowel movement every other day. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

Before reading on, let me know in the comments below what YOU have tried in the past to relieve constipation. 

In case you relate to Sarah's story...

Please know, it’s not your fault!

You did your best and followed experts that should have guided you for long-term constipation relief. 

3 Mistakes Your Doctor Told You to Make

If you’re making the following mistakes to relieve constipation then...

You’ve probably done exactly what your doctor or health practitioner told you.

Here are the three mistakes I see Gut Feelers and 1-on-1 clients make most commonly as a constipation treatment. 

1. Take laxatives

No matter if it's over-the-counter laxatives or natural laxatives like senna tea or magnesium supplements...

All of these options create a long-term mineral imbalance in your gut. 

Laxatives start a vicious cycle of dependency and should be your last choice.

Because laxatives come with major side effects, I compare them to living off a credit card. 

credit card payment, helicobacter pylori

There’s a lot you can do by understanding what your body needs and therefore naturally cure constipation without side effects.  

Also, just taking random magnesium supplements is not a good idea as they are often full of toxic fillers and rarely come in a bio-available form. 

Magnesium citrate is one of the forms that create a major imbalance in your gut and make constipation worse long-term. 

If you like to learn more about healthy vs. toxic supplements, check out My Gut Supplement Kit.

In conclusion, laxatives not only come with major side effects but you are in danger of covering up what’s going on: Why do you have constipation in the first place? What's the root cause of your irregular bowel movements?

2. Eat foods that make constipation worse 

What you eat matters a ton for getting constipation relief!

Think about it for a moment: What foods do you know make constipation worse for you?
Before you read ahead, share your constipation trouble foods with me in the comments.

There are three problems that cause chronic constipation which you can address with simple diet changes:

  • inflammation 
  • pathogen-feeding foods
  • foods that take a lot of effort to be digested 

The foods you need to minimize (or best avoid) are dairy products, including yogurt, eggs, and gluten-containing foods. 

Dairy and eggs are both high in fat and protein. On one hand, you are at risk to have these heavy-to-digest foods putrefy in your gut and produce further inflammation and swelling. 

On the other hand, both dairy and eggs feed pathogenic bacteria like resistant streptococcus in your body. 

In case you are thinking now "What should I eat then, Peggy?"...

Continue reading until the end where I share with you the best constipation relief diet. 

3. Drink more 

How many doctors have told to you to “drink more” for constipation relief?

While it is correct that you need good hydration for regular bowel movements, it makes a HUGE difference WHAT you drink.

For example, coffee, green tea, black tea, energy drinks, and even matcha all dehydrate your cells more. Furthermore, the beverages mentioned (but especially coffee) create an acidic environment in between your cells which don’t help with healing your gut.

A gentle way to start having regular, that's one to two bowel movements per day, is cucumber juice.

Cucumber juice helps with the deep hydration of your colon and alkalizes your body. Drink a minimum of 16oz twice per day on an empty stomach. 

constipation relief cucumber juice

Constipation Relief With Only 3 Foods

I still remember my first 1-on-1 client, Robert. 

Back then he was 42 years old and came to me with severe chronic constipation. In our first call, he shared that hasn't had any bowel movement for 4 days.


Robert felt tired, frustrated, heavy, and in pain. Our session was his last option before checking himself into the ER again.

Unfortunately, he has been using magnesium citrate, laxative, and up to ten cups of daily coffee for years. 

Therefore his colon was extremely dehydrated and mineral imbalanced.

The good news is that the protocol I am sharing with you today worked "like a miracle" for Robert.

After incredible ten days of the 3-foods-only protocol, Robert transitioned into the 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge and never had to check into the emergency room for constipation relief up to this day. 

What’s the underlying problem for chronic constipation?

As shared earlier in this post, inflammation is one reason for having trouble in the bathroom.

However, the question to ask is: What causes this inflammation in the first place? 

There are three root causes you must address to cure constipation naturally and long-term:

  • Toxins (viruses, bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, chemicals) that build up in your body over time,
  • gut damage (healthy nerves are needed for gut motility) and
  • chronic dehydration 

Constipation relief diet: Which foods to consume & when? 

1. Drink celery juice

Consume 16 oz of celery juice on empty stomach every morning before breakfast and every night before going to bed.

It is important to have your celery juice straight (no water or other food added) and to drink it right after making it. 

Celery juice works as constipation relief because it..


  • Kills pathogens like Helicobacter pylori in the stomach and resistant strep in the small & large intestine (responsible for SIBO, bloating, malabsorption & chronic constipation) 
  • Cleanses liver: liver = key player in constipation issues, often damaged for years/decades with high fat, alcohol, toxins, and emotions like anger and frustration
  • Contains critical trace minerals and special salts that help to rebuild healthy stomach acid and calm down inflamed nerve ending in your gut

During the constipation relief challenge, you may also drink pure non-sparkling water and herbal teas like nettle or peppermint. 

2. Eat watermelon

Imagine you are out on a beautiful meadow and all of a sudden a bee stings you in your finger. 


Now, your whole hand starts to swell up, turns red and you're in pain. 

Under those circumstances, it will be nearly impossible to use your hand normally, e.g. to play your favorite instrument or even just do the dishes.

Why am I talking about bee stings in this post about constipation relief? 

Because the biggest problem with constipation is the same as in my bee-sting story: 

It's in inflammation!

As long as your colon is inflamed, red, and swollen, your gut motility doesn’t work as it should. 

One of the best ways to massively reduce inflammation is natural vitamin C. 

Watermelon is not only rich in vitamin C but has 92% fruit water.

Whenever you drink water, only a small percentage is absorbed by your cells.

On the contrary, fruit water is alive, active water that bursts with phytochemicals and minerals and therefore can deeply penetrate the cells of your colon. 

watermelon constipation relief

As a result, your stool becomes softer and easier to move through your intestines which ultimately leads to pain-free, regular bowel movements. 

3. Eat cucumbers

Cucumbers come from the same family as watermelon. Both constipation-relief foods are deeply hydrating and help to bring a softer consistency to your stool.

While watermelon is a real vitamin bomb (rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C), cucumber is an electrolyte hero. Phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which are abundantly present in cucumbers, are essential for your gut motility and to relieve chronic constipation long-term. 

Did you know that inflammation creates heat in your colon?

As a result, the colon swells up which results in fewer bowel movements than normal. 


Due to its minerals, cucumber helps cool down your intestines and reduce swelling naturally. 

Furthermore, cucumbers have highly active enzymes and contain over 50 trace minerals. This makes them incredible natural support to reactivate and heal damaged nerve cells in your gut lining. 

How long should you do the constipation relief challenge?

  • Recommend min. 3 days and as long as it takes to get bowels moving smoothly again. 
  • It might take Maria only 2 days but Alex 8 days. That’s both ok! Just stick with it as long as it takes to get your first couple of bowel movements. 

As a follow-up protocol and to continue healing your intestines, I recommend the 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge program. 

What about supplements, digestive enzymes, and probiotics for constipation relief? 

During your constipation relief challenge, I highly recommend NOT taking digestive enzymes, probiotics, general supplements, or protein powders. 

BONUS TIP For Faster Constipation Relief

To make healing your gut easier, reduce any side effects, strengthen your gut motility and increase absorption of minerals and vitamins, I recommend including a highly-bioavailable form of liquid B12 (incl. adenosyl- and methylcobalamin)

Furthermore, vitamin B12 helps to relieve physical stress from long-time gut struggles like chronic constipation and strengthens your body to heal faster. 

B12 Liquid
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  1. Hi peggy. I have bad gut problems, bloating always, can loose weight of it, type2, gastritis, fatty liver, what else do i need. Anyway i cant poop and have good bowel movements, with out straining, and thats not good for you, so i will try cucumber, or even cekery juice, if thats okay with my ailments. How much is your 1-1 coaching cost.

    1. Hey Mary! With all I share, CONSISTENCY is key. Patience too.
      For establishing a routine, I recommend trying the 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge (in case you haven’t done it already).
      For 1-1 support, please have a look here:
      All the best to you and your body, Mary! xPeggy

  2. Thank you for your tips Peggy, but in some cases like mine motility is not an issue, problems are in rectum and pelvic floor like a hypertension in rectum, no organic changes. Magnesium only what gives me somehow relief. Do you have any recommendations for this kind of constipation? Thank you in advance

    1. The things I shared do not only address gut motility, Inna. I would go ahead and implement the protocol AND work on your adrenals aka relieving stress and emotional balast.
      Elimination is all about “letting go”.
      Take a moment and do some freewriting on this: What do I need/want to let go of in order for me to enjoy life to the fullest?
      Your body is smart… it’s a signal.
      Happy gut-feeling-listening to you!

  3. Every time I watch and or read something from you Peggy it is spot on! You’ve helped me get over some very challenging days. I love your mind your energy and your chickens!

    1. Awww… thank you for sharing CSM! I am so glad you’ve found help to overcome some challenges.
      Many healing blessings to you, Peggy

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