Are You Confused About Which Supplement You Really Need to Heal Your Digestion? 

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Then this struggle can end right here and now!  

Jennifer Topps, Testimonial


Awesome! Helpful! God's gift!


I was tired of buying random supplements. I want to give my body real vitamins and nutrients. I have tried every fiber pill and every laxative out there.  But I still felt constipated, not knowing if I'm doing everything right.

My Gut-Supplement Kit helped me to realize that I am deficient in these vitamins and minerals.

Jennifer Topps Student

Are You Trying to Heal Your Gut But Don't Know Which Supplement You Need?


OK, good news first: You are not alone! Over the last two years, I've been receiving hundreds (probably more!) of questions all around supplements. 

How do I know if I need _________ (supplement)? 

How much of it should I take and when? 

Which supplement is best for my anxiety, constipation, SIBO, sleep problems, etc.?

Is it safe to take if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Can I give this to my child? 

How do I decide if I bought the right, high-quality supplement or rather poor quality? 


Here is some bad news: There are soooooo many mistakes you can make when taking a supplement. Some of them "only" cost you money, but some cost you your health too. I've seen this over and over again with my 1-on-1 clients: They come to me with a list of 5+ supplements they take every day, and 4 out 5 are not worth the money spent! 

Truth is the supplement industry is not interested in you getting better. It is only interested in one thing: how to get the most money from you possible. 

How would you feel if I told you that more than 90% of the supplements available today contain toxic (not just useless!!!) ingredients. It is mindblowing and more so sad! 

Because the last thing you need when struggling with chronic gut problems is spending money on something that makes you feel worse! 

I created this video guide out of my health struggles and the experience with supplements for over two decades. I've taken into account the questions I received from hundreds of 1-on-1 clients as well as the ones from our (almost) 50k-strong Gut Feeler community! 

Be assured with My Gut-Supplement Kit clarity is coming your way!  

Why Should You Trust Peggy for Gut Healing Advice?

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In the last three years, Peggy has supported over 300 personal clients in their healing journey. Most of them had chronic gut issues like SIBO, candida, constipation, acid reflux and stomach pain. 

Through Gut Feelings™, Peggy's Youtube channel, she inspires and supports over 4k health seekers daily. Here, she helps chronic gut sufferers to find their way back to digestive ease as fast as possible. 

Over 50k Gut Feelers have joined the gut-healing movement so far. On the channel, Gut Feelers from all over the world confirm the value of Peggy's contribution to their healing success. 

Peggy's heartfelt mission is to support you to become your own health expert. Instead of depending on doctors and medication, Peggy teaches you how to understand your body's symptoms so you can take simple yet powerful steps to heal your digestion naturally.

Everything You Need to Know About The Three Best Gut-Healing Supplements is Here For You

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  • Part 1 Video Tutorial - Including an in-depth guide to the three supplements you need to heal your digestion
  • Part 2 Video TutorialDetailed explanation on how to identify the best supplements for you and how to avoid the most common mistakes
  • BONUS Video - Natural healing foods to include in your daily diet to enhance the absorption of your gut supplements
  • BONUS Handouts - Portraits of all three gut supplements to review after completing the video tutorial (optimized for printing) 
  • BONUS Check Sheet - Supplement Guidelines Check Sheet with the "7 Signs To Know For Sure That You've Got a Good Supplement"
  • BONUS Check List - Toxic Ingredients Checklist to print out and take with you to the store
  • Immediate Access - After your purchase, you can access My Gut-Supplement Kit immediately on your laptop, mobile phone, or Ipad.

Why wait? Get Started Now!  

LIMITED TIME OFFER: If you are happy to give us feedback on the "My Gut-Supplement Guide" and publish your feedback as a testimonial on this page (including your name and a headshot of you), then please benefit from our super-discount offer ($9 only!) here. 

What People Are Saying About My Gut Supplement Kit...



A game changer for me! 

Not only does the kit provide me with detailed advice on the supplements but it explained in detail how important the correct supplement is so I avoid wasting money and poison myself with toxic “other ingredients”. 

I feel equipped to take back control and make more conscious choices now! 

Courtney Rose Fowles - Clinical Psychologist

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Informative, helpful, very good presentation!

I am having different psychosomatic symptoms: Tinnitus, stomach nervousness and I feel like vomiting quickly. Overall, my intestines not working well enough and I felt not in control of my body. 

Your kit helped me to start balancing my body!

Kathrine Hosung Mom & Business Owner

Clear and profound! 


I was looking for help as my physical condition was going down after a small surgery four years ago.

My Gut-Supplement Kit helped me too know at what supplements to take in what moment.

Lieve Van den Berghe Artist

Very useful information! 

I've been dealing with gut issues and I prefer to heal with good supplements rather than wasting money on fake or toxic ones! 

My Gut-Supplement Kit helped me to know which supplements are good for me and what to look out for in every supplement I buy! 

Izhar W Designer

A Supplement Bible

After trying a ton of supplements and health specialists' advice, I purchased your kit to finally recover from chronic illness with antibiotica damage, including symptoms like major fatigue and bloating. Your kit helped me to save money and check quality before spending more on supplements. 

Eric W AtkinsonInternational Entrepreneur

PS: Your purchase has a massive impact! By investing in My Gut-Supplement Kit you do not only support yourself to make the best choices for your gut. But you enable Peggy to create more content that is freely available for anyone who needs healing support independent from their financial situation.  

If you aren't part of the Gut Feeler family already, check out Gut Feelings on Youtube!