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Nettle Benefits – The Plant That Heals (Almost) Everything

nettle benefits, featured image

Honestly, there are too many benefits of stinging nettle to even count! 

I admit, I am a highly biased groupie when it comes to nettle leaf. 


Not only is nettle plant (botanically: urtica diotica) extremely powerful, readily available and bursting with nutrients but nettle leafs literally saved my life. 

(more on that under nettle benefits #2) 

By the way, nettles aren’t part of the come-and-go superfood hype. Instead stinging nettle was highly popular throughout history! 

Did you know that nettle leaves have been used since ancient Greece times? 

In this article,  you will learn the best five nettle benefits. And how this amazing plant can support you to heal from ANY chronic illnesses faster. 

So, Drumroll, please! 

Here’s comes my best friend and favourite healing plant, the all-round health booster, stinging nettle.  

The 6 Life-Changing Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle

Nettle plant is a powerhouse of nutrients: a true superfood.

For example, nettle leaves contain ample amounts of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green blood of plants.

Overall, this group of green pigments helps detoxify your blood, alkalises the body and makes your immune system strong. 

In particular dark green leaves contain vitamin K in ample amounts and chlorophyll. 

Apart from that, stinging nettles provide you abundant amounts of minerals, for example, iron, calcium, zinc, chromium, and magnesium

USDA data showed that nettle powder contains 4% calcium (db) and 2.8% (db) potassium. Additionally phosphorus, magnesium and traces of iron, sodium and zinc are present in nettles. Based on this data, nettle powder is one of the richest sources of minerals among the plant foods.

Nettle Powder

Woohoo! Exciting news, don't you think, Gut Feeler friend?

Wait for it though as it gets even better! 

Furthermore nettle leaves contain critical vitamins like: 

  • vitamin K, to keep your blood healthy and your bones strong
  • vitamin A, for healthy skin and eagle-sharp eyes
  • vitamin C, to defend and kill pathogens
  • vitamin D, for healthy bones and teeth  
  • vitamin E, as a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging support

This nutrient density is also the reason why nettles are are a…

Strong Immune Booster - Nettle Benefit #6 

Stinging nettle leaves make your body stronger. 

Look at the signature of the stinging nettle for a moment...

Nettle benefits, mars signature

Nettles have a powerful mars signature: They are strong, solid, super grounded and defend themselves with stinging needles.  

Overall that's also what nettle does for your immune defence.

Imagine stinging nettle like a fort that helps protect your body from invaders. Additionally, nettle plant fights off any pathogens that have entered your castle, e.g. resistant strains of strep bacteria. 

Because nettle leaf is such an immune booster, it also amps up your energy levels. 

Better Than Coffee - Nettle Benefit #5 

If you are feeling low in energy or in desperate need of your daily coffee fix: try including nettle leaf powder in your morning smoothie instead.  

I call my nettle friend the fatigue killer because it works (almost) as quickly as caffeine. However stinging nettle comes with only positive and zero negative side-effects. 

Notably, you will feel how stinging nettle boosts your energy and dispels any sluggishness

Just try it out, you're gonna be surprised. 

Balances Your Hormones  - Nettle Benefit #4 

In particular stinging nettle leaves have a positive impact on your endocrine system.

Imagine the hormones in your body like atomic bombs. They are tiny yet more powerful than any other chemical in your body. 

For this reason, hormones like adrenaline or insulin can save your life in a case of emergency. 

However, taking hormones that are not produced by your body, can throw off your body's balance and create lasting damage.

Therefore, any plant that helps balance and strengthen your hormonal system seams heaven-sent. 

When you think of nettle benefits, be aware of its healing power: E.g. for your pancreas (if you are dealing with diabetes). Because nettle leaf helps to effectively lower blood sugar levels.

And there is your thyroid health. Especially women are often treated for thyroid imbalances. Most commonly diagnosed are an overproduction or underproduction of thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) hormones.

Stinging nettle can help not only to rebalance thyroid hormones but also to cleanse pathogens and toxic heavy metals from its tissue. Because the later two are often causing thyroid problems in the first place.  

Powerful Cleansing Plant - Nettle Benefit #3 

Gut Feeler friend, did you know that your body uses up to 5x more nutrients during detoxing? That is because detoxing is a heavy-duty job for your body.  

The good news are stinging nettle does both: it gives you abundant amounts of nutrients, and it helps your body safely let go of stored up toxic waste and debris from dying pathogens

You see: Everything is connected in the natural world (which includes your beautiful body). 

Detoxing your body helps heal and relief your liver. Therefore you get more energy without e.g. afternoon dips.

Furthermore nettle leaves help to cleanse your blood and...

this is a major nettle benefit:

The leaves of stinging nettle used fresh, as a dried powder or tea, kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses and other pathogens (like candida or fungi) in your body. 

Imagine nettles as your green soldiers. 

nettle benefits, green soliers

Good to know, right?

Hence if you suffer from urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney stones, get nettles right now.

Because stinging nettle can dissolve stones and can prevent you from pain and potentially necessary surgery. 

What else is nettle good for? 

Allergy Relief & Healing - Nettle Benefit #2 

This nettle benefit is THE reason why I am able to write this article for you today. 

After dealing with allergies, chronic sinus infections, itchiness and skin rashes for over 15 years, nettles have been my life-saver

There is rarely a day when I am not consuming nettle leaves in some form: powder in my smoothies, fresh nettles for nettle soup or nettle tea as a daily tonic. 

Especially if you are suffering from any of the following bring nettles into your daily:

I've made a video for you on how to use stinging nettles. I give you three ways how to best use them.

Did you know that stinging nettles act as a natural antihistamine but with zero negative side-effects.

Here's how it works:

In essence, nettle leaves stabilise the cells that release histamine into the tissue. They are called mast cells btw.. 

This results in less inflammation, e.g. if you have sinus infections. stinging nettle helps you to decrease the swelling in your nose and also in your lungs.

For this reason you'll experience less sneezing, redness, itchiness and have more energy to do what you love.

When I started including nettles in my daily healing protocol, I also felt more grounded, safe and relaxed in my body.

Before you read on, let me know in the comments below if you have tried nettles and what benefits you've experienced. I am curious! 

Digestive Support - Nettle Benefit #1 

Last but not least, health benefit number one.

The price for "awesome plant for your gut" goes to...


The one and only: Stinging nettle

In general, nettle leaf helps with any kinds of digestive issues because this plant stabilises your digestion and help you recover faster

Do you remember the signature of a nettle that we talked about in the beginning?  

Nettle plants are very strong, ultra-resilient (they grow in all parts of the world) and have strongly grounded roots.

By all means, start including nettle into your healing plan today if you suffer from...

Make sure to try out powerful herb either as a tea, powder or in its original fresh form. 

If you like to heal your digestive system and allergies fast and long-term, do the 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge.


HINT: Nettles are part of the delicious, easy to prepare recipes.

SUMMARY: My 6 Top Nettle Benefits

  1. 1
    Stabilises & Improves Digestion
  2. 2
    Natural Antihistamine for Allergies
  3. 3
    Detox Support
  4. 4
    Hormonal Balance
  5. 5
     Energy Booster
  6. 6
    Strengthens Immune System

Comment below if you have already tried stinging nettle and what benefits you experienced.

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  1. Great article; I always put nettle leaf powder on my noodles but I didn't really know much about it. Now I'm keen to get into drinking nettle leaf tea. It'll be great to conquer those childish fears of getting stung!

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