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5 Spirulina Benefits That Boost Your Healing

Spirulina Benefits featured image

It’s Thursday afternoon here in Peru as I am writing this article for you about spirulina benefits. 

Next to my computer sits my brain-fuel to keep me focussed and energised for the next hours. 

What is it? 

You guess, Gut Feeler friend! 

It’s spirulina water. 

Spirulina Benefits

It's 10 oz. filtered water blended with 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder.

The Mighty Cyanobacteria Spirulina

Before we jump into my five best spirulina benefits, I want to make sure you know what spirulina is.

When you hear the word "spirulina", what do you think of?

My honest confession: The first time I heard a naturopathic colleague taking about spirulina I though of Spirelli noodles. LOL 

Turns out, this first association wasn't that bad.

Spirulina is a blue and green cyanobacteria that has a spiral structure (therefor the name ;-)). The fancy scientific name for spirulina is Arthrospira platensis.

Spirulina Benefits cyanobacteria

When you make yourself spirulina water at home and hold it into the light, you'll see the beautiful blue-green shades. And it's alive.  

Yes, it's an alive bacteria. Which brings us to spirulina benefit number 1. 

Spirulina Benefits #5 - Microbiome Healer

This blue-green algae is very, very, gut-friendly.


Because spirulina is a bacteria. A good one! It's a safe and natural probiotic.  

If you've taken antibiotics or encountered intense stress or toxin exposure, it's likely that your digestive flora is damaged. 


Hence spirulina the superfood is here to help repopulate your gut microbiome and restore the digestive system. 

Unlike most probiotics and supplements, spirulina comes with very few to no side effects.

If your body reacts very sensitive to any changes or you're worried about taking spirulina powder because of thyroid issues then watch this video.

Spirulina side effects are really on the lower end, because spirulina is a very safe food. In fact, did you know that spirulina is also called "the food of the Aztecs" because it has been used for centuries? 

The Aztecs harvest spirulina from the lakes of Mexico by boat. Then dried the cyanobacteria in the sun and baked it into a green superfood cake.

Cool, eh?

Spirulina Benefits #4 - Nutrient Bomb

Now, Gut Feeler friend, this spirulina benefit is going to blow your mind! 

1. Spirulina is recommended and tested by NASA. It is successfully used as a dietary supplement for astronauts on long-term space missions. 

2. The World Health Organization (WHO) states spirulina cyanobacteria as the food of the future because of it is sustainable and incredibly nutrient-dense. 

Notably, neither the WHO nor NASA recommend anything lightly. So why is spirulina the food of the future?

Because it's one of the nutrient-densest foods you can find on planet Earth. 

Let's look at the nutrition facts:

  • 34 times more iron than the spinach
  • four times more antioxidants than any berry (incl. acai and blueberries
  •  9% more calcium than milk, which you hopefully don't drink.
  • very easily digestible (even if you have gut issues)
  • bursting with chlorophyll, B vitamins and vitamin K .
  • rich in trace minerals like bio-available zinc, magnesium and iron

And if you are vegan and on the "I need more protein" train, then spirulina will be come your best friend. 

This blue-green algae has three times more protein than meat. In fact, 60% of the dry weight of spirulina powder is easy-digestible protein.


In contrast, meat is often sitting in your stomach and taxing your liver and stomach acid secretion.  

On the other hand, spirulina is supporting your digestive system and improves liver and stomach health. 

Before we continue to spirulina benefit number 3, leave me a comment below if you have tried spirulina already. 

Have you seen any benefits? And if so, what changes did you notice?

Spirulina Benefits #3 - Oxygen for EveryBODY

Spirulina oxygenates your blood.

If you think now: "Okay, Peggy. So what?", here why spirulina boosts your health big time.   

Over 50% of your body as a living organism is oxygen

In essence: Oxygen is everything. 

Having ample amounts of oxygen at your disposal means your brain works better. In short: less brain fog, more mental clarity and an increased ability to focus.

Proper oxygenation also stabilises your organs. And in conclusion, helps your body and your internal organs to perform on an optimal level. 

Furthermore, oxygen kills viruses (e.g. Epstein Barr) in the body. 

If you're dealing with any kind of pathogenic bacteria, e.g. resistant strep or Helicobacter pylori, candida, mold spores in your sinuses...

Then you want to include spirulina daily into your diet.

Cheers to your health, Gut Feeler friend! 

(I am having another sip of my green healing liquid as the sun disappears behind the mountains here in Peru)


Spirulina Benefits #2 - Energy Through the Roof

With all the benefits of spirulina shared so far, this one is a logical consequence:

Spirulina boosts your energy levels on a daily basis.

Here's a challenge I want you to try in case you feel in need for your daily coffee fix:

I know it's not the same taste: But try to replace your coffee with spirulina water for the next three days.

And then report back to me how it went.  

It's likely you'll feel significantly more energy and that over a longer period of time (without the caffeine-crash side effects).

Besides that your focus won't crash after one hour or two like with caffeine side effects.

In essence, spirulina is an endurance food. So if you're somebody who does a lot of sports, if you need high-performance, or you have a lot of stress levels in your life...

Then spirulina is your answer.

Spirulina Powder
Vimergy Spirulina Caps

Spirulina Benefits #1 - Safe Detoxing Support

Spirulina is your best friend when it comes to detoxing.

If you want to cleanse your liver from toxins and maybe doing celery juice from the Medical Medium protocol, then superfood spirulina is right for you. 

In case, you feel that your performance went down in the last years ago or you've been through antibiotic medication, then it's time for some safe detoxing.

As much as I promote cleansing your gut and liver, with detoxing a lot can go wrong.

I always recommend to my 1-on-1 clients to have detox support to avoid serious detox side effects.

Spirulina coupled with e.g. celery juice is a perfect detox combination.

Because not only does spirulina boost your immune system to keep you strong but it also covers your increased nutrient demand during times of cleansing.

Have you been tried a cleanse or detox and felt worse or more tired afterwards?

Here's a secret nobody talks about:

When you're detoxing, there's a lot of toxic stress being released in your body. Detoxing can do a lot of damage. 

For example, let's say you're doing celery juice every morning morning:

This invites your liver (the mighty three pound organ) to let go of toxic waste it has stored up.

If you don't have a detox supporter like spirulina, these toxins easily can get reabsorbed from your small intestine. 

The medical mechanism for this is called the enterohepatic circulation (EHC). 

Our superfood spirulina acts like a sponge for the released toxins and makes sure they are getting safely out of your system. 

Learn more about spirulina as detox support in Anthony William's book Liver Rescue.

You can get the audio book version for free here.

SUMMARY: 5 Spirulina Benefits to Boost Your Healing

  1. Safe Detoxing Support
  2. Energy Booster
  3. Increased Oxygen Supply
  4. Nutrient-dense Superfood
  5. Microbiome Recoverer

There are sooooo many more spirulina benefits besides the five I shared with you.

Above all worth mentioning are the following:

  • stress relief  - especially good if you're dealing with adrenal fatigue,
  • helps to stabilizes blood sugar levels. And therefore is perfect for diabetes prevention or recovery
  • antihistamine effects - lowers allergy symptoms by lowering histamine release
  • spirulina helps to reach your optimal weight (it's great for both natural weight loss and weight gain)
  • skin food - because of its betacarotene and antioxidant content it helps heal skin rashes, acne and scars
  • shiny, strong hair - Spirulina cleanses the scalp and improves blood circulation for increased hair growth


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  1. Hi Peggy,

    I just recently followed you on you tube and I must say you’re just simply amazing! Thank you for everything you do for us.

    Would it be best to say that after your celery juice in the morning you can follow it up with some spirulina pills/tablets or the spirulina drink you’ve recommended throughout the day. I guess what I’m asking is.. when is the best time to take spirulina. Thank you and godbless!

    1. Hi Beth! So glad you’ve found Gut Feelings.
      Spirulina can be consumed about 30 min after your CJ in the morning and yes, Spirulina water during the day e.g. as an afternoon pick-up coffee replacement is great too.
      Many healing blessings, Peggy

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