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Brain Fog Remedies – 7 Simple Ways to Find Relief

Brain Fog - 7 remedies to stop the fog and get your focus back

This article is about brain fog and the seven best and simple brain fog remedies. Furthermore, you'll learn what causes brain fog and how you can avoid any brain fog symptoms after reading this article.  

Do You Have Any of These Brain Fog Symptoms?

This blog post is worth your time if...

You have difficulty concentrating. Maybe you think like there's something wrong with you, when you see your neighbours or your friends stay focused with ease and get hours and hours of work done. But you have trouble concentrating for even 10 minutes. Maybe even reading this blog post about brain fog remedies feels already too much.

This article is also for you, if you experience extreme mental fatigue. Maybe you feel so exhausted from thinking or from making decisions that you need a break after every five minutes.

If you notice you have a general loss of energy and you feel constantly tired, Everything feel like a drag.

One the most disorienting brain fog symptoms are memory problems. Maybe you have trouble remembering what you've just read a minute ago?

If this is the case, you're in the right place.

I'm gonna help you to firstly understand why you have brain fog and what the most common brain fog causes are. And then we're gonna go straight into the seven things you can do to get rid of brain fog with simple, hands-on brain fog remedies.

If you are willing to give these a fair try, chances are high get your mental clarity back fast.

So let me ask you a question.

Why do you think you have brain fog in the first place? What's causing it?

I'd like you to answer this question in the comments below, BEFORE continuing to read about the most common brain fog causes.

Ask your Gut Feelings

Or just give it a whole-hearted guess, please! 



Did you gave it a thought and left a comment? 

Ok! I trust you did 😉 

There are five things that I see the most common with my clients and also with myself as brain fog causes.

Honest confession up front: I had terrible brain fog myself.

I was so embarrassed. I studied medicine and it was really, really, really hard just to focus for me. Already in school I had massive memory problems (which I thought was because of the uninteresting topics hahaha).

I'm with you, Gut Feeler! You are NOT alone. 

Brain fog is not an easy thing! 

But there are lots of things that you can do.

And the first thing is to understand why you have brain fog in the first place.

Brain Fog Causes - You Can't Heal What You Aren't Connected to

1. Toxins and Toxic Heavy Metals

Think toxic heavy metals in antibiotics, and in medication in general.

Toxic heavy metals can also found in water. But there are also other toxins that can be found in food: preservatives, artificial flavors, natural flavors, Monosodium Glutamate, nutritional yeast. Just to name a few.

I have a video about nutritional yeast. Maybe you've heard that nutritional yeast is good for vegans. Well, it's NOT!  

It's a nerve irritant that irritates your nervous system. And unfortunately anything that irritates the nervous system, creates inflammation. Think of sponge bob. If your brain is swollen, it doesn't work as well. 

2. Toxic By-Products of Viruses (Neurotoxins)

Certain types of viruses can produce what is called neurotoxins. What viruses like Epstein Barr excrete can be very toxic for your brain and for your nervous system. It also can cause inflammation. Watch the video below to learn more. 

3. Adrenal fatigue and adrenal imbalance

Your adrenals are little glands that sit on top of your kidneys. They're very, very sensitive and extremely powerful.

adrenal-fatigue- peggyschirmer

Your adrenals produce adrenaline.

Did you know that this hormone is the number one drug in your body?

You can actually get addicted to adrenaline.

Yes! There is a reason why some surfers can't think of anything else but the ultimate ride. Maybe you're not a surfer but you feel you need your coffee?

That's not because of the coffee. It's because of your own addiction to adrenaline.

Adrenals are extremely powerful, think of the fight and flight response. Which brings us to the fourth cause for brain fog.

4. Stressed Out or Overstimulated?

One major reason for brain fog can be trauma, stress, emotional hardship, and overstimulation.

We are overstimulated 24/7. 

Unfortunately your smartphone will not make you smarter unless you're using extremely wisely. 

We're gonna go into how to deal with overstimulation and neurological overwhelm in the second part of this article. I got you covered on how to cure brain fog naturally.

Overstimulation peggy schirmer

Graphic by Laura from 

5. Gut Trouble?

Very, very, very often neglected and not considered in the brain fog discussion is your gut health.

Gut troubles are one of the major brain fog causes after overstimulation and adrenal fatigue.

Your gut's health is extremely important for a mental clarity and optimal cognitive function. An impaired gut can cause anxiety, depression and brain fog.

Because your gut and brain are communicating 24/7. There are nerves connecting both organs like your phrenic and vagus nerve. Everything in your body is connected.

Did you know that you have 100 million nerve endings in your gut? That's a lot of nerve endings!

Imagine half of them irritated by undigested and rotting food in your gut.  

If you can't digest what you eat then there's malabsorption and lots of inflammation happening.

If there's anything going wrong with your digestion, you have your main cause for brain fog, migraines, memory problems and even anxiety attacks. That's all directly related.

If you like to reset your digestive system, check out the 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge.

Preview Shopping List, Gut Healing Challenge

Rinse and repeat (Summary)

The most common causes for brain fog problems are:

1. Toxins 

2. Viruses and neurotoxins

3. Adrenal fatigue 

4. Stress, trauma and emotional hardship

5. Gut Imbalances

Personally speaking, probably had all of those reasons were causing my massive brain fog.

Let's not stop here. Knowing the cause is the first step, but it's not enough to cure brain fog.


So let's talk about what you can do to get out of the cloud and fix brain fog naturally.

7 Simple (and Highly Effective) Brain Fog Remedies

1. Oxygenation

Nobody talks about this simple hack which is one of the best

natural cures for brain fog. 

Has any doctor told you that oxygen is highly anti-viral?

Furthermore an abundant amount of oxygen is the key ingredient for a healthy, high-performing brain. And it lowers inflammation.

Oxygen is one of the things that are free, extremely powerful, and you harness this brain fog healing source every day and everywhere.

A. Breathing

Just breathing does the job!  Of course I am talking about conscious breathing

Have you heard of the Wim Hof method?

While I am not recommending this method for stressed out adrenals and brain fog in general...

there are other breathing techniques that can help with both anxiety and brain fog symptoms. 

You don't have to hyperventilate or get nauseous while doing conscious breathing. 

Often it just take 20 breaths.

That's what I'm doing when I'm waking up. I actually demonstrate that for you in here. Feel free to laugh! hahaha

I do this brain fog clearing exercise by combining breath, sound and movement.

This is the most powerful way to get a really sharp mind immediately and also become more present. I do about 20 of those breath-movement sequences until I feel more present. Then I take a moment and just sit down.

I sometimes hold my breath and feel the connection to my body.

B. Power Algae Spirulina

Another way to bring in more oxygen into your body and really make those cells become alive, lower inflammation and take a nutrient boom all in one is spirulina.

This is the way to go, 100% nutrients and nothing to worry about.

Check out the video below to learn more about the mind-blowing healing benefits of spirulina. 

Spirulina Powder

If you like to give this power-brain food a try, here's the best spirulina product

2. The Sacred Healing Window

The second of my favorite brain fog remedies has to do with sleep.

But it's not about sleeping in general. Have you heard about the sacred recovery window? 

If you want to heal any brain fog symptoms, sleeping at the right time is extremely important. The sacred recovery window is from 10:00 PM, wherever you are on the planet, 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

What do you wanna do in that time?


It needs to be dark around you. But you don't have to sleep if you can't just lie down.

And, Gut Feeler friend, really important is to turn off ALL electronic devices one hour before you go to bed.

Ideally at nine, you wanna turn it all off. Turn off the phone, turn off the computer and then if you wanna be really, really good...

And you're really serious about getting the brain fog relief, then you want go out.

Take a night walk!

If you are just doing this: going to bed at 10, at nine, everything out and then going for a walk, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, whatever you want. Then go back home, brush your teeth and go straight to bed. Do this for seven days in a row and...

You will feel the difference! But...

You've got do the work. Just reading this article is not enough. 

3. Exercise

I bet this is not the most popular brain fog remedy but it actually works. 

To cure brain fog, you don't have to hardcore exercise. It can be gentle, but moving those hips daily in a fun way instead of making it a shore.

The extra oxygen that you bring into the blood reduces stress in your body and brings your body and your mind together again.

Instead of feeling powerless and at the mercy of mental fatigue and exhaustion, you can do something simple to cure brain fog in minutes.

Moving your body gives you personal power and can make you feel in charge again.

Talking about it, let's do a new thing, a dance break.

I mean, right now, please! 

No kidding! 

Click here and let's dance brain fog away together.  

4. Lowering Stress

But how?

Maybe you have a stressful life and would need something specific and simple to 

cure brain fog naturally? 

Tada! Here it is: 



There are hundreds of complicated tapping protocol. I am not going to bother you with those.

Instead, I show you the most simple and effective tapping to get back to mental clarity within less than 3 minutes. 

Rule #1: Take it easy. 🙂

Simply cross your arms in front of your body and tap with your hands on your upper arms for 50 times.

I demonstrate it graciously here for you. (hihihi)

 After your 50 taps, take a moment and breathe. Close your eyes and feel your body. 

Then do another round of 50 taps, take a moment afterwards again and finish with one more round of 50 taps.  

This is one of the best brain fog remedies as it takes you less than three minutes, Gut Feeler friend and it's for free. 

When to do tapping?

Ideally you wanna do this brain fog relief before you eat anything (to improve your digestion and change from stress-mode into relaxation).

Also, whenever you feel stressed or tense during your day, take a three minute tapping break.

Sometimes stress has been part of our lives for so long that we don't even recognise it anymore. It's that constant. :-((((

Therefore, what for signs like "coffee thirst" or the sweet craving attack...

Instead of going straight to the next coffee shop rather, try doing this silly breathing thing that I showed you in the beginning and then some tapping.

If you can put this brain fog remedy  into action daily, you WILL see a massive change. But again, my friend, words don't teach. You got to actually do it and do it often. 

5. Reducing Overstimulation

We talked about overstimulation shortly before.

I believe overstimulation might be the number one cause for brain fog for most of us. It definitely was for me in the past.

Your attention is a currency

In the internet century, you can't imagine how much businesses pay just to get one second of your attention. They want you to click on something and of course in the end buy their thing.

I highly recommend you to become very greedy with your attention from now on.


Because you only have so much and especially if your brain foggy your attention is your gold.

So don't just throw it out of the window everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, and even on YouTube. Be greedy with what you expose yourself willingly to.

A digital detox is a powerful brain fog remedy

One thing that I recommended to my clients and that we're also doing in the Deeply Nourished Course, the six week intensive gut-healing program is called digital detox. 

If you feel very dependent on your devices, then start with six hours.

And that means no digital things, no computer, no phone, no Netflix, zero electronic devices for six hours. Ideally it would be 24 hours a whole day.

In the beginning it might be very challenging. 

But after you did it, you will feel that you have less brain fog or no brain fog at all.

(Especially if you go for the 24 hour detox ;-)) 

If you feel mentally clearly and have less brain fog symptoms afterwards, then you'll know for sure that overstimulation is one of your major triggers. 

Let's do a quick rinse and repeat of what you've learnt so far: What you can do for brain fog is: focus on oxygenation, breathing, drinking spirulina water and keep your body well hydrated, honor the sacred healing window, exercise and be mindful on where you spend your attention currency.

Yes, you can do it like Peggy, but you can also walk your dog, lowering stress, tapping for your nervous system and being greedy with your attention and really paying attention when you get overstimulated and do everything to create more space for yourself. 

I have two more brain fog remedies for you. 

6. Show Your Adrenals Some Love 

You wanna be really, really nice to your stressed out, overworked adrenal glands.   They are very sensitive, and they have feelings too. They can't distinguish if the stress you feel is seriously a life or death situation or just your boss being mean to you. 

Right now, they are likely feeling in danger and not safe. 🙁 

By doing the tapping, for example, your overall health and your adrenal system start to stabilise itself.

Start to pay attention to what irritates your nervous system and save your adrenals from triggers like coffee, lots of chocolate, late nights out and of course: bungee jumping.

7. Food as Brain Fog Remedy

And last but not least number seven, what you put in your mouth has an effect on how you feel and also the effect on the brain fog. Surprise! 😉

One of the best brain fog remedies are green juices. Obviously spirulina water and eating foods that are easy digestible help to relieve brain fog too. 

If your gut health is impaired, you want give your body plenty of time to restore itself.

Reduce or abandon completely animal products for a while and stop taking those protein shakes too, please. 

For optimal mental clarity and relief from brain fog symptoms I recommend fruit mono meals.  Also just vegetable soup, something easy to digest in the evening is a great start.

Additionally, make sure you take out or at least reduce foods that feed viruses. I have a video about that, which I am linking here, in case you're like, "what, really???" after reading the virus-feeding food groups below.   

Foods that feed viruses are dairy, eggs (organic or not), gluten, soy and corn. 

If you don't believe me, watch this video and you will find out more.

Before we part, I would love to know from you one thing, just one thing:

Which one of the seven brain fog remedies are you going to implement for the next seven days?

Let me know in the comments below.

 So the one thing that you commit to for seven days in a row, and you let me know in the comments below so I can hold you accountable and all Gut Feelers can support you to recover fully from brain fog and to feel better every day.

Thank you for reading this, Gut Feeler! We are in this together.

if you need more personal help, click here and we'll tackle the fog together. 

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