Learn How To Transform Bloating And Malabsorption Into Digestive Ease

Watch This Video to Learn What It Takes To Heal Bloating & Malabsorption

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The 6 Week Intensive Healing Program

Deeply Nourished was co-created with five selected Gut Feeler Pioneers who helped to shape the content, structure and healing tools of this program.
Melodie (Ontario, Canada)

Melodie Lumley

(Ontario, Canada)

Sam Stokes (France)

Sam Stokes 


Katie Yezek (North Carolina, US)

Katie Yezek 

(North Carolina, US)

Jeanie (Jeanette) - Australia

Jeanie Stevenson


Andrea Howard (United Kingdom)

Andrea Howard

(United Kingdom)

What's Included In Deeply Nourished? 

3 Week Course on Overcoming Bloating & Malabsorption (we address ALL levels of healing: Body, Emotions, Mind & Soul)  

3 Weeks of Integration Time (to built on progress and learnings and deepen your healing journey

Strong Community Support (meet new friends and healing support buddies)

Powerful Healing Tools to help discover where YOU need to focus on to heal (your journey is 100% unique) 

Preview Deeply Nourished Week 1

Your Questions Answered  Peggy answers to your questions around bloating and malabsorption 

Complementary Course Material to deepen your learnings (to print out or use online)


Fun Journal Pages & Tracking Sheet to track your wins

1-on-1 Follow Up Session with Peggy (*if you choose to upgrade at the checkout)

What Gut Feeler Pioneers Are Saying...

Now KNOW I can heal!

A great learning experience! Now feel more empowered in regards to my health.

I feel as if I have taken some of the power away from my doctor. Now KNOW I can heal! 

Thank you Peggy!

Sam Stokes (France)

Sam Stokes 


Katie Yezek (North Carolina, US)

Katie Yezek

My overall well-being continues to improve as I discover more and more about myself. I feel empowered as I take on new experiences that greatly nourish my mind, body, and soul. 


Thank you Peggy for giving me the tools to unlock my path to healing; not just our gut, but our mind-body connection too. 

Melodie (Ontario, Canada)

Melodie Lumley

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You missed out!

This program is designed to be followed at on your own pace.

You will have access to all program materials way beyond your initial six weeks. Deeply Nourished is all about listening to YOUR gut feelings and learning to trust in yourself and your body.

Enjoy the journey!  

I have experienced better sleep and less feelings of uncertainty.

In addition, I've identified at least one area to work on that is not diet related.

Andrea Howard (United Kingdom)

Andrea Howard

I am a lot calmer and my digestion works better.

I was born with gut issues and researched this for years. 

Now, I aware of the connection between my gut, emotions and trauma and it connected all the dots I was missing. 

I am releasing any negative emotions with less judgement about myself. And this surprisingly enhanced my healing: I am a lot calmer and more in flow with my feelings. By making time every day for this work, my digestion works better.

Deeply Nourished Preview Mockup
feedback Linda Braren, Deeply Nourished
This when you "get" it... Bravo Sarah!

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