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Why You Should Eat Raw Honey Every Day!

honey raw

How often have you heard that sugar is bad for you? 

But is it true? 



It depends! 


It depends on what kind of sugar…


There’s a universe between high fructose corn syrup and raw honey for example. 


High fructose corn syrup causes major inflammation in the gut because your body doesn’t recognize it as food but rather an invader.


Whereas raw honey can be a life-saving medicine.  


I remember being in my early twenties and having massive seasonal allergies. 


Can you guess what helped me to heal my them? 


Raw, unfiltered honey.


Are you ready to get your mind blown by the benefits of raw honey? 


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5. Anti-everything nasty


Honey in its pure, unheated form acts as 

  • anti-bacterial, 
  • anti-viral, 
  • Anti-fungi (think candida) and 
  • anti-inflammatory 


This makes raw honey THE perfect food to recover from chronic illness. 

While it certainly attacks pathogenic bacteria like H.Pylori and Streptococcus, it does not kill healthy gut bacteria but feeds your natural microbiome! 


“Currently, many researchers have reported the antibacterial activity of honey and found that natural unheated honey has some broad-spectrum antibacterial activity when tested against pathogenic bacteria, oral bacteria as well as food spoilage bacteria.”


4. Skin Healing


Raw honey bursts with antioxidants (think antiaging!) and phytochemicals that help heal your skin.

E.g. I’ve applied honey on my sunburnt face and the pain and redness went away within minutes.

Here are my favorite tested ways of using raw honey for skin healing:

  • raw honey facemask to smoothen skin
  • honey + sea salt body scrub to get rid of old skin, improve cellulite and detox your body
  • raw honey as scar-healing support (apply twice daily for min. 15 minutes)

This is the high-quality, organic raw honey I use every day.

honey raw


3. Strengthens Mental Clarity 


If you are dealing with brain fog, low energy or adrenal fatigue raw honey can be your life-saver! 


What the people who tell you “sugar” is bad don’t know is that…

Your brain and your liver NEED healthy glucose (like raw honey) to SURVIVE. 


Sugar is not a luxury item, especially if you are chronically ill. 


Together with fruit, honey is the best source of glucose to help you heal! 


Don’t be afraid of sugar! 


White, processed sugar is toxic, yes!  

High fructose corn syrup is toxic, yes! 


But whole foods like fruits and honey are heaven-sent and will do their best to support your body’s strength. 


Btw., if you are dealing with type 2 diabetes and have been told to avoid fruits or honey because of the sugar….

Then you have to watch this video:

It’s not the sugar that’s a problem for Diabetes, it’s the FAT!

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2. Allergies, Sinus issues & Food intolerances 


This raw honey benefit has been my personal highlight. 


Seasonal allergies like hay fever but also food intolerances and food allergies can be caused by a resistant, pathogenic bacteria called streptococcus. 


This chronic infection leads to histamine being released, which then causes major inflammation symptoms e.g. a congested sinus. 


Allergies aren’t caused by a malfunctioning or overreactive immune system nor is the body EVER attacking itself like western medicine wants us to believe…

The problem is bacterial in origin. (Toxins like toxic heavy metals are a second root cause).


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Because raw honey acts anti-inflammatory and is a pathogen killer for resistant strains of strep bacteria, it can be a real healing solution for allergies, sinus congestion, and food intolerances. 


Furthermore, raw honey supports your digestion to calm down and strengthens cell walls in your gut so they are less vulnerable to pathogens. 


Unprocessed honey contains zinc and other phytochemicals which are unique to honey. This makes raw honey THE immune booster: It helps to rebuild your immune system and recover faster from any chronic or acute illness.



1. Soothes Emotional Trauma, Mood Swings, and Stress 


Last but not least: This is the most overlooked benefit of raw honey.


It’s a soul balm.


If you are detailing an emotionally tough situation, feel emotionally unbalanced or stressed out, try this:


Have a teaspoon of raw honey before going to bed every night. 

Make sure to NOT add honey to boiling hot water as it will lose many of its medicinal properties. 


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Consuming honey before bed is also a great way to counteract sleep problems. Did you know that your brain needs some energy to move from awake to sleep? 


If you are running low on healthy glucose, you may have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night. 


Raw honey’s energetic quality is warmth, beauty and unconditional love. 

This makes it one of my favorite self-love foods! 


Healing from chronic illness or stress is tough enough. 


Give yourself some love and include raw honey in your daily life. 


It’s a heaven-sent gift and meant to help you out in tough times. 


Get the best raw, unfiltered honey with some extra-healing magic here. 



Just as raw honey, bee pollen has massive healing benefits too.


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Now it’s your turn, Gut Feeler friend!

I am sure there are many more ways to use raw honey on your skin. Do you have any tips?


Leave a comment below on how you use raw honey. 🙂 Your inspiration counts!


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  1. Now it’s your turn, Gut Feeler friend!

    I am sure there are many more ways to use raw honey on your skin. Do you have any tips?

    Leave a comment below on how you use raw honey. ? Your inspiration counts!

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