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What I EAT During My Travel Time – 12 Hours Back To Tenerife

Travel food - simple, delicious

My Simple Delicious Travel Food

Watch the video below to learn what simple, delicious travel food you can make so your journey becomes body-friendly, food-search-stress-free and just delightfully yummy.


Transcript of My Simple Delicious Travel Food

“Hey guys, what’s up? I’m going to travel today, tonight back to Tenerife. And I thought it might be really interesting for you, I’ve also got some questions about it, what am I eating and what I’m proposing to eat while you’re travelling. So that’s what I’m going to eat, my simple and healthy travel food. Don’t get crazy, it’s a long journey, that’s why it’s so much food.


For breakfast: Quinoa & blood oranges..

Then I always travel with fresh peeled ginger. It’s a bit hardcore in the beginning, but I recommended to you as well. Just put it the slice in the mouth and then chew it really fast. And drink some water afterwards. Fresh raw ginger is highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial and protects you from all the toxins, bacterias and virus that are swirling around you while you’re travelling.
Local walnuts and coconut chips for snack and breakfast.


And then we come to lunch:

It’s going to be fresh raw greens: Baby spinach leaves. Just spinach. Then we have some cooked sweet potatoes, with Curcuma, and lemon juice. At the side is a veggies rice, it’s made of cauliflower. Together with raw garlic cloves, ginger and some avocado. And walnuts on top.


Travel Food - Sweet potatoes, cauliflower-rice, walnuts

For Drinking, I have water and this is the magical immune booster drink

For all the ladies who like to lose some weight, but also for everybody else: This is ginger-lemon water. First, you press the lemon and put the juice aside. This doesn’t get cooked because vitamin C gets destroyed by heat.
Then you cut up the used lemons (needs to be an organic lemon, so no toxins in the peel) and cut some ginger in pieces and then you boil it together with up to a litre of water for like half an hour. Let it cool down and then mix it with the fresh lemon water together. So you get the benefits of both: Raw lemon juice and the minerals of the lemon peel and the ginger.

This magical drink is so rich in minerals

It’s a powerful liver detox, super cleansing for the digestive system. It makes your immune system really strong. This is my absolute travel favourite. If you feel a bit sluggish or tired from and during the travel, this gets you really active and awake.
I wish you a beautiful day or night. Eat healthily and make yourself some delicious travel food. I see you back in Tenerife. Bye Bye.”

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