My “5 How To” Be Ultra Productive At Day & Satisfied At Bedtime

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  1. No multitastking! As much as possible doing things in parallel. Studies show people who multitask where up to 40% !!!! less productive, their brain capacity exhausted quicker and they felt more stressed than people who do only one thing at the time. Become a singletasker! 🙂
  1. Set a deadline (What ever I do work wise, I always set a timer, deciding beforehand how much time do I have for this task and when it rings… it has do be done!)
  1. Take care of your working environment. (Our brain constantly scans what’s around, so the less distraction, the cleaner your desk, the better)
  1. No fruit, no work! Eat fruit. When we work, think, are creative our brain needs even more natural glucose. To deeply nourish your brain & make sure noursihment really reaches the depth of your brain, it needs to be from whole foods rich in natural sugars. Fruits are THE go-to-snack for us. I make sure next to my working space there is always fruit present.
  1. Decide in the morning how are you going to show up today. What is priority to today? Write it down and read it several times throughout the day. Keep on track. The satisfaction in the evening, when I held my focus, even if other things did not (yet) got done, is tremendous. Never go in a day without intention! 


PS: No 2 & 3 are inspired by Clark from “Refusing to settle” ( a great, passionate guy with an awesome high quality youtube channel!)

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