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Chia Vanilla Pudding – Vegan & Raw

Chia Vanilla Pudding

One of my favourite RAW FOOD SNACKs – Chia Vanilla Pudding

Chia Vanilla Pudding has lot’s of essential Omega 3’s, great healthy glucose to nourish our brain and awesome fibre, Vitamin C and minerals (e.g. potassium) for optimal digestive health.

Bon Appetit! ūüôā


Chia seeds can help you feel energized with sustaining energy all day long. But most of all they are a great ‚Äúbrain food‚ÄĚ, known to improve memory and sharpening your concentration skills.
They also provide you with rich protein, vitamins E & B-complex + important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, strontium, and iron.

2 tablespoons Chia Seeds
2 Bananas
4-5 Dates
Pinch of vanilla bean powder

Optional: ¬Ĺ teaspoon turmeric (enhances detox and healing potential of your snack)

Put all ingredients into a blender & use as little water as possible to create your delicious pudding. Then pour into a little serving bowl.

If you like you can add ¬Ĺ banana (cut into slices) and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.


Ingredient Check – What goodies are in the Chia Vanilla Pudding?

Let’s have a look at the four ingredients of the Chia Vanilla Pudding. ¬†In this part, you’ll learn why the Chia Vanilla Pudding is a healing snack for your body.

Chia Seeds

Chia Vanilla Pudding - Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds are literally powerhouses for essential fatty acids like Omega-3. Once “activated” they produce a gel-like film on their surface. Now they are easily digestible and healing for your sensitive intestines. Because of their calcium content, they are perfect for reducing your muscle cramps after a workout. Furthermore, calcium can improve your bone density and help you to sleep better at the end of the day.


Chia Vanille Pudding - bananas

Bananas are one of my favourite healing foods.  If I would write a book, it would be about the health benefits of bananas. Whenever you experience digestive problems, from constipation, malabsorption, cramps etc. bananas will be a great first aid for you. Because they are not only packed with vitamins (Vit.C Рimmune booster, Vit.B6 Рstrengthens nervous system) and rich in minerals (potassium, copper, and manganese). Another digestion benefit is their ability to fight pathogens, like fungus (e.g. candida), bacteria and virus in your body.  And even better they can feed beneficial bacteria (like acidophilus) in your gut. 

But it is key that you eat your bananas RIPE. While some of us like eating a yellow or even green banana, our body isn’t happy with that choice. Because only if your banana is dark yellow with brown spots it’s ready to eat. When the banana peel almost falls off, you’ll smell an intense banana fragrance. Now the nutrient, like healthy glucose are at their peak state and your body can absorb all the goodies from this fruit. Rather than increasing constipation and bloating from unripe fruits, you’ll now experience a smooth, easy absorption.


Chia Vanille Pudding - Mazafati Dates

These sweet, caramelly treats are the No. 1 brain food and literally energy booster. Our brain and especially our liver needs healthy natural glucose to function and to heal. That is why dates are doing an awesome job here.

Being rich in Vit. A and B-complex dates also support our nervous system with an abundance of anti-oxidants. Minerals like iron, calcium, manganese help to build bone and muscle strength, that is why athletes love them for improving performance and stamina. 

Like with bananas there isn’t just one type, but a variety of different tasting dates available out there. Depending on the country you live in you might get hold of my favourite date variety “Mazafati” from Iran or you go luxurious with the well know super-sized “Medjool” dates.

Vanilla Bean Powder

Chia Vanilla Pudding - Vanilla

Already the smell of natural vanilla helps most of us relax and feel happily cosy wherever we are. Did you know that one vanilla bean contains over 25000 delicious seeds? Isn’t that incredible? With its flavour and smell, vanilla directly impacts our nervous system: ¬†This calming effect can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

The medicinal component vanillin supports our digestive health e.g. an upset stomach, indigestion, pain. Furthermore, it helps us to alleviate symptoms of the cold or flu and can reduce headaches. 

My favourite vanilla bean powder comes from vanilla beans from Madagascar. It is produced in small batches and¬†100% pure and natural. Vanilla bean powder is usually pretty expensive. This one is a very¬†economical one and you’ll just need a pinch to have a whole flavour experience. ūüôā Check it out here if you like.


So you see, all of Chia Vanilla Pudding ingredients are worth being part of this healthy, energy-boosting snack.

Enjoy your delicious brain food & have a lovely day!

PS: You can find a lovely infographic for Chia Seeds here.


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