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It’s this time of the month again… or about being a woman

Moon time,

Good morning, Sunshine!

I wake up today, got my period and I feel….


How many woman do you know who would say something like that?

From what I hear from my female friends and clients, it’s rare that a woman nowadays celebrates this special time of the month.

Most women I know, (including myself a few years ago) dreaded the 4-10 days with pain, cramps, overeating or no-appetite, migraines, moodiness or low energy.

Have you ever thought about WHY do many woman in their fertile years suffer with these nasty symptoms?

Most people I asked, told me “it’s normal”! That’s just how it is for woman.



Here’s my take on it…

#1 It’s not “normal” to have any pain, cramps or other monthly returning symptoms during a woman’s period!

We just think it’s “normal” because nowadays almost every woman has something that bothers her during this time.

#2 Menstruation is not what causes headaches, pain or low energy. It’s a warning sign!

If you or your loved one experience period problems then I’ve got some answers for you here that will change the way you approach this natural (and beautiful) part of life. AND in the video, I give you my best (always works) tip to relieve period pain naturally without pain medication and within 30min!

How cool is that?

My Best Secret to Relieve Period Pain - Goodbye Cramping, Bloating and Pain - Works within 30 min and Your Body Loves it!

Let me know in the comments under the video what helped you or your significant other or your best female friend to feel better, OK?

I can’t wait to see you over there!


PS: Make sure to save the Playlist “Being a Woman – Healthy & Vibrant” if you like to learn more about healing some of the most common female problems like UTI’s for example.

Let’s watch some Gutflix together! Shall we?

Playlist - Being a woman, gut feelings


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