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H. Pylori Treatment – Do These 3 Things

H. Pylori Treatment - Do These 3 Things

This short post follows up the main article on h. Pylori treatment titled: How To Heal Helicobacter Pylori Infection Fast. Make sure to have read the article first. 


This post is for you if…


  • You’ve been recently diagnosed with Helicobacter Pylori bacteria (h. pylori)
  • You want to know how to start treating h. Pylori naturally
  • You are scared of taking (more) antibiotics to heal Helicobacter Pylori symptoms because of their side-effect


Here are three powerful tools that are free and available no matter where you live. 


Before you continue reading let me know what (crazy?) things you have tried to treat h. Pylori!

I read your comment personally. 


1. Move TOWARDS your h.pylori symptoms not away from them


Awareness doesn’t sound super sexy as H. Pylori Treatment, doesn’t it?


I agree. 


It’s not a supplement or OTC pill, nor a new diet trend. 




Awareness, presence and intention are VERY powerful healing tools. 


They are so powerful that no Pharma salesman and no doctor will tell you to use them.


Here’s the lie you (and I) have been told over and over again:


“If you have a symptom, try to fix it asap.


Do your best to distract yourself from it.

Numb it down.


And then…


Get on with your life.”


You get the point? 


It’s all about moving AWAY from what bothers you. 


This strategy might work sometimes if you’re annoyed by a friend or don’t like to do a household chore. 




It 100% fails, 100% of the time when it comes to your own body. 




It is not possible to move away from yourself even if it’s uncomfortable. 


Every symptom you experience comes with a personal message for you. 


The symptoms, e.g. indigestion or stomach pain, do not go away before you start to listen. 


That’s what awareness really is: It’s listening to your body and your Gut Feelings


Being present and taking time to actually feel what you are feeling is not fun.


I get that. 


However, ironically it is THE shortcut to healing.


Only if you are present and connected with your body you will hear what it needs to heal itself. 

And this includes all details on your h. Pylori treatment! 


2. The is one powerful healer for H.pylori


Can you take a guess? 


HINT: It’s a supplement nor a specific food. 





It’s nature. 


Imagine your body and planet earth are one organism. 


Where do you go looking for healing or in this case specific h.pylori treatment? 


In the pharmacy around the corner?


On Youtube?


Asking your doctor?




The fast track to healing helicobacter pylori bacteria and other gut issues is to reconnect with nature.


Your body is a part of nature. 


Nature provides you with healing and with the answers you are seeking. 


Don’t believe or disbelieve me…


Try it out. 


May I challenge you to go out in nature for 30 minutes (without your phone!) for the next seven days and see what happens?


Every day when you come back from your nature-healing time, take 3 minutes to write down any insights and observations that come to you.


If you are committed to healing and really give this challenge a go, you will be surprised about this “strange” yet effective h.pylori treatment.


Comment below if you are committing to do it! So I can check in with you on your healing progress.


3. Real healing is …


What do you think goes in the gap? 


Real healing is…




It’s not the complicated 12-week protocols with dozens of expensive supplements, testing and diet changes that is the most effective treatment for h.pylori.






  1. Your body KNOWS best how to heal itself and doesn’t need micro-managing and 
  2. Simplicity is a powerful remedy for all parts of your being: body, mind and spirit


How can you apply this “simplicity” to your daily life choices? 


Take a guess! 


Or better…


Think about for a second where you are overcomplicating things. Where do you have confusion instead of clarity in your life? 




Your emotions? 


Your relationship with yourself, a loved one, family?


Your healing journey? 


Your job? 


All of the above?


Here’s what I recommend you do to heal h.pylori as fast as possible:


Focus on simplifying what you eat: 


Real natural foods. 

Nothing processed or from a package. 

As fresh as possible.

And as few ingredients as possible combined in a meal.


If you are having severe helicobacter symptoms, choose mono meals as often as possible. 


And if you need guidance on how to get started with healing h.pylori infection, here it is. 

SUMMARY: H.Pylori Treatment

  • Move TOWARDS your h.pylori symptoms not away from them. Use daily check- ins with your body and feel your symptoms instead of trying to “get rid of it”. Only this way you can receive direct guidance on what your body needs to heal.  
  • Nature is THE most powerful treatment for h. Pylori. Go out and immerse yourself in nature for minmum 30 minutes every day to receive healing and insights.
  • Simplicity. Forget about complicated healing protocols and remember that your body is designed to heal itself. Support your healing journey with natural foods and choose mono meals as often as possible.
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