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Best Natural Flu Remedies 2018 – Instant Relief, Natural & Super Easy to Prep

How to make your own FLU & COLD REMEDY - simple & quick help

Learn to make an instant-relief natural flu remedy to boost your immune system. The delicious Flu Shots heal a sore throat, blocked nose, muscle pain & weakness in no time. Ingredients you need for your Flu Power Shot: 1. Garlic (one clove) 2. Ginger (peeled, size of your thumb) 3. Lemon (one whole) 4. Raw […]

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Banana Island Special – Tropical Spring Cleanse Without Travelling :-)

Join us for 5 days – we are going to the Banana Island starting this Friday. And you are invited to join me, we’ll have a private Banana Island Tribe Check-in every evening during the 5 days. You need: 30 Bananas/day = 150 total (buy them today, so they will be ripe on Friday! Ripe […]

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Best Blender 2018 – My Favourite, Low Cost Blender in Action

Best Blender 2018, low-cost, Gut Feelings

Having had the same blender for 4 years I loved it from the first day on. Now while staying in Germany I’ve decided I can’t live without my favourite, low-cost blender Breville Blend Active and just bought a second one. Watch my eyes full of joy while unpacking my new favourite, low-cost blender by Breville. I wasn’t […]

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Ginger and Garlic Benefits – Learn how they can help you heal quicker

Ginger and Garlic Benefits - Learn how they can help you heal quicker

Answering a question about ginger and garlic to a friend, I thought I’d share my email answer with you. Maybe you’ll benefit from it, too. I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below or drop me a line at “Dear X, great you are doing well up there in the north… I […]

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Chia Vanilla Pudding – Vegan & Raw

Chia Vanilla Pudding

One of my favourite RAW FOOD SNACKs – Chia Vanilla Pudding Chia Vanilla Pudding has lot’s of essential Omega 3’s, great healthy glucose to nourish our brain and awesome fibre, Vitamin C and minerals (e.g. potassium) for optimal digestive health. Bon Appetit! 🙂 — CHIA VANILLA PUDDING – Recipe Chia seeds can help you feel […]

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What I EAT During My Travel Time – 12 Hours Back To Tenerife

Travel food - simple, delicious

My Simple Delicious Travel Food Watch the video below to learn what simple, delicious travel food you can make so your journey becomes body-friendly, food-search-stress-free and just delightfully yummy.   Transcript of My Simple Delicious Travel Food “Hey guys, what’s up? I’m going to travel today, tonight back to Tenerife. And I thought it might […]

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