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My 3 Favourite VEGAN Complete Protein Foods

“Peggy, where do you get your protein from if you are eating plant-based?” Are you on a healing journey and want to improve gut health but you are worried getting enough protein? Maybe you have heard you need animal protein because that’s the only way to get complete protein with all nine essential amino acids. […]

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Best Natural Flu Remedies 2018 – Instant Relief, Natural & Super Easy to Prep

How to make your own FLU & COLD REMEDY - simple & quick help

Learn to make an instant-relief natural flu remedy to boost your immune system. The delicious Flu Shots heal a sore throat, blocked nose, muscle pain & weakness in no time. Ingredients you need for your Flu Power Shot: 1. Garlic (one clove) 2. Ginger (peeled, size of your thumb) 3. Lemon (one whole) 4. Raw […]

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Banana Island Special – Tropical Spring Cleanse Without Travelling :-)

Join us for 5 days – we are going to the Banana Island starting this Friday. And you are invited to join me, we’ll have a private Banana Island Tribe Check-in every evening during the 5 days. You need: 30 Bananas/day = 150 total (buy them today, so they will be ripe on Friday! Ripe […]

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Best Blender 2018 – My Favourite, Low Cost Blender in Action

Best Blender 2018, low-cost, Gut Feelings

Having had the same blender for 4 years I loved it from the first day on. Now while staying in Germany I’ve decided I can’t live without my favourite, low-cost blender Breville Blend Active and just bought a second one. Watch my eyes full of joy while unpacking my new favourite, low-cost blender by Breville. I wasn’t […]

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Ginger and Garlic Benefits – How can they help you heal quicker?

Answering a question about ginger and garlic to a friend, I thought I’d share my email answer with you. Maybe you’ll benefit from it, too. I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below or drop me a line at “Dear X, great you are doing well up there in the north… I […]

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Chia Vanilla Pudding – Vegan & Raw

Chia Vanilla Pudding

One of my favourite RAW FOOD SNACKs – Chia Vanilla Pudding Chia Vanilla Pudding has lot’s of essential Omega 3’s, great healthy glucose to nourish our brain and awesome fibre, Vitamin C and minerals (e.g. potassium) for optimal digestive health. Bon Appetit! 🙂 — CHIA VANILLA PUDDING – Recipe Chia seeds can help you feel […]

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