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April 18, 2021 Sunday in Lo de Marcos, Mexico

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I want to take a moment to appreciate the gifts of today. ⁣
Thank you for the ocean so close by. The salty sea water feels great on my skin. Best morning routine ever: morning swim. ⁣

I’ve enjoyed the community and shared stories and the vegan made-for-me brunch at Michel’s place (

Carnicero Vegano

) and petting the beautiful white cat on my way out. ⁣

I love the ease of having an “open day”. Open for adventures, for relaxing with new friends and allowing the day to unfold. My body and being have been waiting for this priority shift for a while, it feels. ⁣
Balancing the masculine “hands-on” energies with the moon-like feminine flowing qualities is a topic that’s up and evolving. Cats and dogs and horses help to mirror the my inner changes. ⁣
What a gift to live right next to the field with horses and the forest and the ocean. I love Lo de Marcos. It felt good to be here from the first time I visited. Local, real, tranquil and simple with lots of love and openness for connection. ⁣
I loved hanging out with Lucero this afternoon: seeing her artwork, her enthusiasm for precious healing stones and invited to her home felt like a gift. A gift I definitely I allowed myself to receive today. No agenda of to-dos or mind-pressure of working for the business etc. to make this day precious. ⁣
I appreciate finding the “Jaguar de Guerra” amulet and feeling the attraction and resonance with it. ⁣
Looking at the beautifully carved fossil stone and the made-by-Lucero bracelets now, I feel rich and nourished. ⁣
Thank you life for the elements, this community, the animals and the polarities between day and night, ocean and fire (sun) and this quiet, spacious, comfortable home I have. ⁣
Abundance has soooo many faces. Money is one of them for sure. Connections, community and sharing myself are another facet of abundance. Experiencing nature and feeling one with it is probably my most treasured one. ⁣
Today in three words: Creative Fire Connected
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