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Or: Why allergies are like couch grass!?
Common Couch Grass











1. Couch grass like allergies have a massive invasive impact on their environment, be it in your garden or your body. If you do not take care of them they'll soon dominate your life. Couch grass is known by gardeners to be highly invasive. It grows 10 times faster than any other cultivated plants: It will overtake your garden aka your body if you leave it unattended.


2. Only removing the top of the iceberg: ripping of the visible greens above the surface aka just dealing with the symptoms of your allergy, may give you relief for a short while. But the prize is high! The grass will come back even stronger as weeds tends to do because you didn't attend to it's root. The same here with allergies: If you only suppress the symptoms by taking antihistamines, nose spay and steroids you will have a relief initially. As you use them longterm your body gets accustomed to the drug. You need higher doses year by year and suffer not only from your allergies but from the medications side-effect's, too. Weight-gain, constant fatigue, mood swings, depression, low energy, drowsiness and digestive problems are just some common examples.


3. Allergies and couch grass are so commonly present in our environment that their seriousness gets usually underestimated. Most people are not at all aware of the severity and the impact allergies have on their longterm health. Apart from the massive negative side effects of the long term use of medication, untreated patients risk a progressive deterioration of their health situation. What started with a minor hay fever can develop over time to a livelong asthma and/or several allergic cross sensitivities.


In Essenz: Allergies are NOT a minor thing but an emergency call from your body to take action towards eliminating it's underlying causes.


I suffered myself for years from allergies, severe asthma attacks and eczema which got worse and worse year after year. I dedicated my life to find a way out of this dilemma. Leading me to study both academic and complementary medicine and making my way throughexperimenting with endless treatments.

Today I am perfectly healthy and allergy free and it's my commitment to share my knowledge and experience to help other's to reclaim their vitality and health back, too.

I made a video for you to uncover the three underlying causes of your allergy, so you can help yourself now.

It's free and you can find it here: Peggy's Free Support Video



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