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MINDSET WORK: Behind the scenes of my life as Health Consultant

Personal Mindset Work

Recorded in Masca, Tenerife’s most beautiful village in the mountains. May 2017

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Hey guys! It’s early morning and I am in paradise: It’s called Masca, known to be the most beautiful place on Tenerife. Look, there the sun is just coming over the mountains. I am eating breakfast. There we go. And I do my mindset work and I thought it might be interesting for everybody who likes mindset work and focusing on your goals. I love sharing what I am doing: So I’ve created these “Goals and Mindset Planning Documents” which I read every morning and every evening. It contains several documents like “Peggy Schirmer’s Identity” – where I wrote down exactly how I want to be – what my identity is. Then there is “where I live” and “what I do”, character traits, body type and style and some images to support that. Then there is branding, my mentors and my vision.

And today I am going to share with you: “Peggy’s Power Thought’s”  (These are affirmation I wrote for myself to keep me focused on my goals.) And also what I do, I read them out loud and then I really feel them being achieved completely.

So here we go:

“I achieve my goals in a relaxed, inspired and easy flowing way.”

“I feel worthy and powerful every moment of my day no matter what.”

“I believe in myself and in my ability to achieve my dream effortlessly. All that I desire manifests super fast in my physical reality.”

“I feel safe and free wherever I am and whatever I do, knowing there is nothing serious going on ever.”

“My first and most important business partner is the Universe. We collaborate closely.”

“I deserve and enjoy having an abundance of money. Money loves me and I allow it to flow easily to me.”

“I have a powerful impact on people’s lives. People trust me easily. They feel empowered and transformed when working with me.”

“I am generous, kind and confident with everybody I meet.”

“I think big. I am in harmony with the intelligence of the Universe. My thoughts create my emotions and my emotions become things. Knowing this powerful truth makes me unstoppable.”

“I enjoy learning new things.”

“I know: All great things are coming to me right now! Always.”

“I experience flow daily. I am excited and inspired to work with my business.”

“I am so absorbed into what I do, that food comes secondary in my life.”

“I treat my body kindly. I am healthy and committed to my pure and clean diet. My diet is dairy-, salt- and gluten free.”

“My heart and my mind are open and clear.”

“My timing is perfect: I am at the right place, at the right time, doing exactly the right thing. I love it!”

“Life is safe.”

Okay, that’s it guys. I hope you got some inspiration out of that. Feel free to comment below. And I am curious what you are doing to get yourself on the right track every day. I wish you a beautiful day! Bye bye.


MINDSET WORK is an essential part of the 6-12 Week Pure Female Vitality Program.

To change any habit in your life: You’ll need a good PLAN. And second powerful TOOLS that keep your focus on why you are changing and what the desired goal will yield you back for your efforts invested. 

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