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Best Natural Flu Remedies 2018 – Instant Relief, Natural & Super Easy to Prep

How to make your own FLU & COLD REMEDY - simple & quick help

Learn to make an instant-relief natural flu remedy to boost your immune system. The delicious Flu Shots heal a sore throat, blocked nose, muscle pain & weakness in no time.

Ingredients you need for your Flu Power Shot:
1. Garlic (one clove)
2. Ginger (peeled, size of your thumb)
3. Lemon (one whole)
4. Raw honey (1 teaspoon)
5. Cayenne pepper (up to 1/4 teaspoon)

6. Zinc (5 drops of Liquid Zink Sulfate)

The Blender I use is from Breville


If you like to learn more about the unique healing benefits of GINGER and GARLIC. And get two mini posters for free visit this blog post.

Do you like the taste? What are your best flu remedies?

Let me know in the comments below.

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