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Eating Out Healthy – A Little Story & My Best 7 Tips!

Denditos de mar, vegan restaurant Karma, Panama City

Eating out with Raoul

It’s Thursday evening in Panama City… I am meeting up with my friend and social media expert, Raoul in the vegan restaurant, Karma CafĂ©.

I love sharing and cross-pollinating ideas with other inspired hustlers. Usually, I feel super motivated and eagerly encouraged afterwards.

Today, I left with a new feeling.

I’d best describe it as a mixture of contribution and authority (for my expert field). We are talking about Raoul’s Instagram channel, his vision, and how he can build it into a business.

While sharing my ideas with him, I notice how much I’ve grown and learned about how to provide value to others (and getting paid for it). The last two years have been the most intense learning time of my life.

I feel wonderful. It’s such a blessing to me to help a young fellow-entrepreneur to get started with sharing his gifts with the world.

But hey, actually, we wanted to talk about food in restaurants!

Denditos de mar, vegan restaurant Karma, Panama City

I love to share my “eating out”experience with and how I managed to transform this tough ride into more ease.

Want some inspiration on how to eat out healthy? Good! I am sure you’ll love these 7 tips not to screw up your diet in restaurants…

What is your best tip to stay on track with your diet when eating out?

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