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Dark Rings Under Eyes

Dark Rings Under Eyes,

Do you know the feeling?

You wake up, feel not at your peak, and after a look in the mirror and there they are:

Deep dark circles under your eyes.


It’s pretty clear that everybody will see that this isn’t supposed to be your best day. And you probably didn’t even party all night long and only got two hours of sleep, right? 


In this post, I’d love to show you how you can not only look fresher in the morning but also how to give your body what it naturally needs to look great and vital.


There are two ways to approach the problem.


  1. From the inside of your body: looking into how best to support your body to naturally balance itself.
  2. And we can work from the outside in, applying nature’s best helpers to your skin glow and feel great.


Here we’ll have a look at both approaches and I’ll share with you 2-3 simple tips that you can put into action straight away to get your skin beautifully shining again.




Dark Circles - Face of woman


Healing dark circles under your eyes from the INSIDE out


In fact, your skin is a mirror for the health of your digestive system, your “inside skin”.


No. 1 – Hydration

If your skin feels dry, guess what?


Dehydration is a big issue for most of us.


Our skin needs alive water that can deeply nourish our skin.


Furthermore, for optimal detox support, I recommend having 2 cups of herbal tea before bed, so your kidneys (who are on night shift) have the best possibility to do their detox work.


If dehydration was your main cause for the dark circle under the eyes then you’ll see a change after a few days. 



This is the best high-quality water filter I own and recommend. 


No. 2 – Sleep

It is not only about how long you sleep.


There is a natural rhythm in which your body and your organs work, no matter if you feel like an early bird or a late-night owl.


The two central organs that work for you and that help to detoxify and rejuvenate your body while you sleep are your liver and your kidneys.


To give your body the optimal healing support the hours between 10 pm and 2 am are the body’s healing peak time.


If you have sleeping problems, even just lying down and having your eyes closed during these four hours will support your body to balance itself.

This is a great start to improving the dark circles under your eyes. 


Because the four hours between 10 pm and 2 am count double on our clock. This is not only if you want to look fresher and feel more energized in the morning.


This time is precious for healing any of your physical ailments, including hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, etc.



No. 3 – Salt & Sugar

Food has a huge impact on your skin.


Isolated salt, no matter how pink and from the end of the world it is, will cause your body to dehydrate and even worse cause you to lose precious minerals that are needed to keep your body’s balance.


Instead of sea or stone salt, think salty vegetable.


Your body loves sodium in combination with other minerals and vitamins:

Celery is a great salty one you can use if you are craving salty things.


With isolated, white or even brown sugar the situation looks similar.


Try to eat fruits, sweet fruits, instead of refined sugar that dries out your skin and depletes your body from precious minerals.


Healing dark circles under your eyes from the OUTSIDE out

Of course, you can apply all kinds of anti-aging creams to your skin to try to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, they often contain more toxic chemicals that deeply travel through your skin and hurt your body and your face more than they help.


Dark circles under your eyes can also show a high toxic burden on your body, especially your liver.



No. 4 – Chamomille Evening Ritual


Also, a great way to unwind from your day: You’ll need some chamomile tea bags and 5-10 min before going to bed.


Chamomille is great for your skin and especially for the area under your eyes. It helps to improve the dark circles under your eyes and makes your eyes feel brighter and relaxed the next day.


Take two fresh tea bags, make them moist in cold (best ice cold) water, and just apply them on your closed eyes for 10 min before your nights’ sleep.


I like to use this time to unwind and think about all the beautiful events, people, places that were part of my day.

Take time to appreciate the day and focus your attention on what gifts life shared with you today.

This also helps you to sleep better and relax deeply.



No. 5 – Fresh air


Fresh air, a walk-in nature, just 30min. walking outside with your dog is a blessing for your skin.


Do you know the feeling you had on your face last time you went out onto a long walk with a friend?


The fresh air helps your skin get an oxygen boost, which if you are usually tied to an office chair can change your dark circles under your eyes and make them lighter the next morning. 


Because oxygen works against free radicals which are the number one source of wrinkles, dry and blemished skin.


If your bedroom doesn’t face the street, get a second blanket and sleep with your window open. 🙂

Does implementing all this feel overwhelming to you?



Then I recommend picking two of all the tips above.


Choose the two that don’t feel like stress and write them on a post-it.


Something like:


“I love to improve my skin (and ……….) so I commit to trying ………….. and …………… out for the next 7 days and see if this helps me.

Today’s date ………. Date 7 days later …………

…………….. (Your signature) “


This is your assignment for the next week if you choose to take the challenge!


Let me know in the comments below how it is going for you with healing the dark circles under your eyes, I care.

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