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How to Recover Gut After Antibiotics – Without Supplements

How to Recover Gut After Antibiotics - Without Supplements

What to do after taking antibiotics to recover your gut health? Here are 5 things you MUST do to heal as fast as possible! 

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Antibiotics are one of the fastest ways to kill not only pathogenic bacteria (which often is resistant anyway) but mostly your good gut bacteria.

Apart from antibiotics, other medication, toxins, processed foods, pesticides, alcohol and stressful lifestyle can take a toll on your microbiome. 

So it is likely that your gut bacteria needs a lot of extra support to recover full digestive strength. 

Medication side effects - How to heal after and during antibiotics, antacids or Accutane? 

We touch on the topic of how to heal your liver, microbiome, and digestion after taking medication, e.g. Accutane, antibiotics, antacids.

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? "Liver Rescue" by Medical Medium / Anthony William 

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