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Start Your 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge Now!

Start Your 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge Now!

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Why would you wait for more confusion to rise when healing your gut can be simple and fun?

It's time to take your gut health back into your own hands! Let's make it simple & start becoming friends with your beautiful body (again). Learn More

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"Surprisingly easy to integrate into my busy weekday schedule… The perfect gift for anyone I care about. I love the delicious recipes and your inspiring knowledge about food. The “secret weapon” on page 34 was my personal highlight. It’s an integral part of my morning routine now. Thanks Peggy!" 

"I totally enjoyed Peggy’s holistic approach in the Gut Healing Challenge. It was a much simpler journey than I’ve expected. The recipes are delicious. I am looking forward to continuing my gut healing journey…  PS: The “start with why" section is awesome!" 

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Peggy Schirmer is a certified naturopath, accredited project manager (PMI) and trained in process-oriented psychology.