I am here to help you to get your full vitality back.

It's simple, natural and slow - because your body doesn't like to be pushed but to be loved.





 I help powerful women to regain their full vitality and health so they can share their unique gifts with the world and enjoy a deeply fulfilling, abundant life.


Hi, I am Peggy!

I believe in you and in your body’s ability to regenerate its full vitality naturally.

No matter if you are 20, 40 or 60+ years old. It's not a miracle! It's possible! 

I love to recover your vibrant health together with you. 


Feeling safe - 3 best tools

How to FEEL SAFE in your daily life? – My best 3 Tools

After feeling insecure and unsafe for most of my life, I share with you the 3 tools that make me feel safe today. It’s really not that hard to feel welcomed by life and save in today’s world, you know? ...
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Banana Island Special - 5 Days Tropical Spring Cleanse

Banana Island Special – Tropical Spring Cleanse Without Travelling 🙂

Join us for 5 days – we are going to the Banana Island starting this Friday. And you are invited to join me, we’ll have a private Banana Island Tribe Check-in every evening during the 5 days. You need: 30 ...
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Candida cleanse

Candida (Part 2) – Candida diet and candida cleanse for yeast infections

This is the second part of our series all around candida overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome. In part one “Candida die off – Learn about the yeast infection causes” we set the foundations for healing. Candida is not the problem, it’s a ...
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Candida and Leaky Gut- Part 1

Candida (PART 1) – Candida die off – Learn about the yeast infection causes

This video is about candida die off and the underlying causes of candida overgrowth. If you are struggling with candida or candida die off symptoms, maybe you’ve been on an anti-candida diet for weeks or you are newly diagnosed with candida ...
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Favourite, Low-Cost Blender In Action - Making Apple Porridge For Breakfast

My Favourite, Low-Cost Blender In Action – Making Apple Porridge For Breakfast

Having had the same blender since 4 years I loved it from the first day on. Now while staying in Germany I’ve decided I can’t live without my favourite, low-cost blender Breville Blend Active and just bought a second one. Watch ...
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Ginger and garlic - mini overview

GINGER and GARLIC – What are the different health benefits?

Answering a question about ginger and garlic to a friend, I thought I’d share my email answer with you. Maybe you’ll benefit from it, too. I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below or drop me a line ...
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Indigestion – What causes it and how to heal it naturally

“I can’t digest my food.” “I am allergic to almost everything: dairy, gluten, fruits, nightshades, legumes, nuts, fill in the blank…” Sadly I hear desperate voices about digestive problems and pain from indigestion on a daily basis. The good news ...
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Dark Rings Under Eyes

Do you know the feeling? You wake up, feel not at your peak and after a look in the mirror and there they are: Deep dark circles under your eyes. It’s pretty clear that everybody will see that this isn’t ...
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Beautifully fresh skin - morning ritual

One Morning Tip For Beautiful, Fresh Skin

Just a few months ago I woke up and my skin just looked and felt dry and the opposite of fresh and beautiful. Do you remember the last time you had these dark circles around the eyes and wished they ...
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Peggy Schirmer is a certified naturopath, accredited project manager (PMI) and trained in process oriented psychology.