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Ready to heal your digestion with this proven 6-step system? 

Then you won't want to miss out on this training:

Gut-Healing Workshop Peggy Schirmer

Learn the 6 Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now to Heal Your Digestion Completely Without Acid Blockers, PPIs & Pain Killers.


The 5 BIG HEALING SECRETS You'll Learn in the Gut-Healing Training



Gut Healing DECODED: The 6-Step Gut Healing System™

Instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed by conflicting experts' advice, I teach you the simple 6-Step Gut Healing System™ to heal any digestive issues: malabsorption, SIBO, bloating, candida overgrowth, IBS, stomach and gut pain, gastritis, h.pylori infections, dysbiosis & medication damage etc...

IMPORTANT: This is not a theoretical lesson but a hands-on interactive workshop: You'll practice each step during the class with me and your new Gut Feeler friends. So you know what to do in your daily life to heal from chronic gut troubles completely.


Emergency Exit

If you've been suffering from chronic gut symptoms for a while or have an acute infection, your body may feel like in an emergency state. 

In this case, it doesn't matter which superfoods or expensive supplements you take if your body is an emergency state then it can't absorb them

Therefore, you first need to bring balance back into your system and calm the storm down. In the workshop, I'll introduce you to 4 powerful helpers to exist the body's emergency state and open it up for healing. 


Food & Supplement Self-Testing 

I show you an easy-to-learn technique that you can do at home (with or without a partner) to find out which foods, herbs or supplements help your body and which need to be avoided. You won't need an accessory or gadget for this work. Because your body is an antenna that can give you clear signals what it needs. 


Healing Obstacle Check

One of the most frequent questions we get is: "How long does it take? Why haven't I healed yet? What am I doing wrong?"

The Healing Obstacle Check is a tool that helps you to learn why you haven’t healed yet AND what exactly is required from you to enjoy lasting digestive ease. 


The 3 Neglected Essential Parts Of Gut Healing

What if you are already eating the best food and taking all the high-quality supplements and are still not 100% gut-healthy?

Good news: You are NOT alone!

In this workshop we start where most gut-healing support ends and explore all dimensions of healing. (the physical being just one of 4) 

It's easier than I thought: listen to your gut and not to overthink things

I was surprised how much I need to slow down and really connect to my mind, body and emotions. It's like the saying "everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere", it's okay to take time out everyday to find peace and happiness. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is on a healing journey. 

Marilyn Kallimanes WOrkshop Participant

testimonial, gastritis better
Feedback Lilith86bella

I’ve worked with more than 10 doctors before! 

When I came to Peggy I was really tired. I lacked energy and strength. I couldn’t focus well or digest my food properly. I was having lots of issues. 

After working with her, my digestion has improved, my skin has improved. I have clarity and I can focus. I have energy to do the things I want to do, and am finally getting back into work. And she made the whole process so easy. Working with her was a breeze and a breath of fresh air!

Peggy, thank you again so much. You are a rare gem, and I am so glad to have worked with you and have you in my life!

Feedback, Daniel Przybylski
Urszula Simoniuk Feedback

I was never worried about the things you say. They just make perfect sense to me! 

I discovered the true taste of whole foods! Through the daily celery juice my eczema got better...  I love how healthy eating makes me more energetic! And I am still in the process of adapting to the new diet. 

Urszula Simoniuk  //  M.D., Cardiac Surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the 1-Week Gut Healing Challenge and this training?  

The Gut-Healing Training complements the One-Week Gut Healing Challenge perfectly.

While the challenge focuses on diet and supplements, the workshop adds interactive learning and the practice of simple gut-healing tools and techniques.


The Gut-Healing Challenge works on the first level of healing (food), while the Gut-Healing Workshop leads you deeper into your healing adventure and includes all four healing dimensions: the physical, emotional, mind and soul-level. 

I've already tried so much.  What is the 6-Phase Gut Healing System™ and how do I know it works?

The Gut Healing System™  is the result of Peggy's work with 376 private gut-struggling clients as well as her extensive self-healing research. The Gut-Healing System was successfully applied by dozens of Gut Feeler Academy students in the last two years and served as the foundation for the new 42-Day Gut-Healing Program. "Deeply Nourished" is your perfect follow-up option after completing the Gut-Healing Workshop. 

Is this different? I've watched all of Peggy's Youtube videos already.

YES! The Gut-Healing Workshop is VERY different from a Youtube video. You'll be guided through the 6 phases of the gut healing system and get your hands dirty (metaphorically). 

I love the no-fluff approach: Because we don’t waste time with small talk but get into gut-healing straight away. Which makes this 120 minutes workshop bursting with value and healing tools that you can apply to your journey long after the session.  

When do I get access to the workshop and the materials?

You'll get immediate access to the workshop and the workbook with journal pages. 24 hours later I'll follow up via email and you'll receive your cheat sheet and reflection form. 

What if I have other health issues? Will this work too?

YES! While the workshop is specifically targeted to overcome chronic digestive symptoms, many of the exercises and tools can be applied to any health condition. 

I have another question. How can I reach you?

Simply reach out to and Maria from our warm-hearted support team will gladly assist you. 

Get Your VIP Seat in Peggy's Gut-Healing Training

Gut-Healing Workshop Peggy Schirmer

Included in your VIP Workshop Package are:

  • 1.5 hours in-depth video workshop (designed interactively; apply and experience the 6-phase Gut Healing System™ and take these powerful with you for day-to-day healing support)  
  • Downloadable guided Meditation (to connect with your body and receive direct answers)
  • Workbook & Gut-Healing Journal to decode your body's message and receive best gut-healing support during and after the class (printable) 
  • Follow-Up Reflect & Digest Exercise (to reflect on what you've learnt and get help to decide on your next steps)