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“Why does my skin starts looking unhealthy and old?

Cellulitis OR “Why does my skin starts looking unhealthy and old?”

Sure, there is a certain truth to skin aging the older we get.


And why do some of us have tighter skin without cellulites or wrinkly arm skin than others with the same age?

People say: You need to care for your skin. Always use lotions etc. to keep it moist & soft. Never go in the sun without sun screen etc.

Although it is certainly true that extreme and prolonged sunlight exposure can damage the skin, much more important than thinking of what the environment outside does to your skin, is changing your thinking of what actually happens UNDER the SKIN, from WITHIN YOUR BODY!

Let me explain what I mean:

Cellulite and wrinkly skin is caused by what happens UNDER your skin, more specific underneath your epidermis. To really tackle skin problems you must work on healing the underlying issues.

In 85% of the cases, I meet through my clients an accumulation of toxins is the reason for various skin problems like cellulitis, acne, psoriasis, eczema & early skin aging.

The main organ you want to focus on is YOUR LIVER. It’s likely that your liver is suffering silently, but visibly from toxins you have accumulated over your lifetime (& in case of psoriasis even from generations before you).

A protection mechanism from the body against this dangerous toxin exposure is to store them as FAT CELLS in your liver but also UNDERNEATH YOUR SKIN. This is the main reason for a lumpy or dimpled skin.

So what can you do? LOTS!

Instead of going to putting cucumber slices on your tired eyes: Make it a habit for the next week to start your morning with 300ml cucumber juice (freshly made) & take your breakfast min. 30min after that. This will not only help your liver eliminate toxins, boost your digestive health but also naturally make your skin start looking fresh and feeling soft & moist. Don’t think about it! TRY IT OUT!

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