Supplement Kit

Peggy’s Gut-Supplement Kit helps you to avoid the most common supplement mistakes! You’ll learn which supplements support you to heal your digestion as soon as possible.

The video tutorial with a complimentary, printable booklet includes:

  • Video Tutorial Part 1 – In-depth guide to the three supplements you need to heal your digestion
  • Video Tutorial Part 2 – Learn how to identify the best supplements for you and how to avoid the most common mistakes
  • BONUS Video – What are natural healing foods to include in your daily diet to enhance the absorption of your supplements
  • BONUS Handouts – Portraits of all three gut supplements to review after completing the video tutorial (optimized for printing)
  • BONUS Check Sheet – Supplement Guidelines Check Sheet with the “7 Signs To Know For Sure That You’ve Got a Good Supplement”
  • BONUS Check List – Toxic Ingredients Checklist to print out and take with you to the store
  • Immediate Access – After your purchase, you can access My Gut-Supplement Kit immediately on your laptop, mobile phone, or Ipad.