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Hay Fever Goodbye! My 5 Best Relief Strategies

Hay Fever Relief - Peggy Schirmer

Spring is coming fast. Maybe instead of relaxing in nature, for you, this means a time for tissues and antihistamine medication.

But where a problem there is a solution.

Check out my Top 5 hay fever killer strategies below:


No. 1 Fresh Nettle Tea

Nettles are extremely beneficial for detoxing your body. It is a powerful blood purifier that eliminates toxins and metabolic scrap by stimulating your kidneys. This leads your body to release non-needed water from your body.

Furthermore, the tea cleans out your entire intestinal tract while activating the body’s natural defence mechanisms. As an overall health tonic, it is used all year round.

To get you started I recommend enjoying two cups of nettle tea. One first thing in the morning and about an hour after dinner the second one.

Learn more about Nettles and how they can help relieve your symptoms here.


No.2 Give your body a digestive break!

Having allergies your body works non stop. To help your body relax and give it a chance to detoxify I recommend to limit your time of food intake.

In the morning: Start acting one hour after waking up, e.g. wake up 7 am, have a nettle tea and the start breakfast at 8 am.

In the evening: Have a light evening meal: No heavy protein or fat intake, e.g. no fish, ice-cream, peanut butter etc. and stop eating around 3-4hours before you go to bed. For example: Having dinner at 7 pm, a nettle tea after it and then go to bed at 11 pm is a good plan.

This leads us to super tip no.3…

No. 3 Sleeping!

Yep. The picture says it all. If this is you sleeping you do not need to read this.

In case it’s not: Sleeping is the foundation for your health.

During your sleeping hours your body has time to replenish itself, your muscles relax and your brain uses the time to process all the impressions collected during your day.

Your kidneys are working full-time now: They use the favourable hour to cleanse your blood and flush out all the toxins accumulated in your body.

So what’s the tip? Sleep enough, go to bed before midnight (the hours before midnight count double for your body’s ability to relax!) and drink enough before you go to bed. Make sure you are well hydrated as your kidneys need enough water to cleanse out the metabolic waster from your system.


No.4 Avoid processed food!

What is processed food?

Let’s ask Wikipedia: “Convenience food, or tertiary processed food, is food that is commercially prepared (often through processing) to optimise ease of consumption.”

Why avoid processed food?

  1. You often have no idea what you really eat. Preservatives, artificial flavours, flour treatment agents etc. can irritate and stress your body immensely.
  2. You need nutrition for your body to thrive and overcome its allergic responses – processes food is like cardboard – it fills you up, but it doesn’t nourish you.
  3. Help your body and eat simply. Processed food often contains a large variety of ingredients making it harder for your intestines to absorb.

This is really just a beginning of reasons…

I recommend: Make your own food as often as possible. Make it simple – three ingredients max. and use as less salt and condiments as possible.


No. 5 Be kind to yourself!

Having allergies is not a minor thing, it’s a sign of your body that something fundamentally is out of balance.

It doesn’t only affect your physical body, it also makes you much less robust emotionally.

You will need more breaks, more sleep and most of all more kindness with yourself now.

Understanding what happens in your body is key.

Learn more here

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