Banana Island Special – Tropical Spring Cleanse Without Travelling :-)

    Join us for 5 days – we are going to the Banana Island starting this Friday.

    And you are invited to join me, we’ll have a private Banana Island Tribe Check-in every evening during the 5 days.

    You need: 30 Bananas/day = 150 total (buy them today, so they will be ripe on Friday! Ripe is KEY!)

    5 large bunches of celery (for morning juice)

    Hawaiian Spirulina – http://amzn.to/2Inl4M8 (to boost detoxing and for ultra mineral support)

    Optional: Read the book by Dr Douglas Graham – 80/10/10 Diet – who inspired me to this experiment. Find his best book here: http://amzn.to/2InpZNf

    If you want to join the daily 20min. evening check-ins with me & my friend Margret. Then write me to an email to Peggy@Peggyschirmer.com & I provide you with time & virtual meeting place.

    It’s going to be awesome, guys! Let’s do it.

    Sexy and energised into Spring (or Autumn, or summer or winter or inbetween :-)). YES!


    Banana Island Special – Day 1

    I’ve started off with a cold and a sore throat today. Great time for a Spring Cleanse.

    The JUICER recommend in the video is from Monzana: http://amzn.to/2pmEOa3

    The best Liquid ZINC Supplement against a sore throat and to boost your immune system: http://amzn.to/2F1iZqJ


    Banana Island Special – Day 2

    I feel in between two worlds – Cold, snowy Winter in Germany vs. the persuading scent of a tropical island. I’ve started feeling the essence of bananas. They have a unique quality: kindness.


    Banana Island Special – Day 3

    I am starting to heal from the flu. Thank you, banana friends! On Day 3 of Banana Island I am answering: Why are bananas so good to heal your digestion quickly?



    Banana Island Special – Day 4

    1. Sharing my best tip how to recover from the flu. 2. I show you how to impress with the best banana-vanilla Ice-cream, on the table in under 5 minutes. YUMMY!


    Banana Island Special – Day 5

    I am completing this tropical “trip” with a guided Banana Meditation. When was the last time you actually mediated with a piece of food? Never?! Then join me and uncover the hidden secrets of the banana fruit. OM….