Organic Stevia

  • GREEN STEVIA HERB – Frontier Co-op Green Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), also known as sweetleaf or sugar leaf, is a perennial herb native to South America where it has been used for over 1,000 years.
  • VERSATILE USES – Green stevia herb is among the sweetest substances in nature, which is why it has been used for centuries as a sugar alternative. It is high in phytochemicals and serves well with warm beverages such as coffee or tea. It is also a great addition to cold drinks such as lemonade and sun tea.
  • NATURALLY SWEET – Frontier Co-op Green Stevia Herb Powder is finely ground and easy to add. It has a sweet, delicious, and refreshing taste with no smell or aroma. It’s ready to use with no preparation needed.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – We use only the best stevia leaves, handpicked from stevia plants and cultivated in Paraguay, Spain, and India. This product is 100% certified organic and non-irradiated. There are no artificial chemicals or additives used at any stage of manufacturing.

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