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The 7 BEST GUT HEALING TOOLS You Need to Overcome Gut Troubles Without Depending on Doctors or Pharma

Swap it for Good Preview

Swap It for Good - The Ultimate Guide

Instead of depriving yourself from your favourite foods and feeling miserable...

In this guide, I share with you my best delicious gut-friendly alternatives to the most common trigger foods (e.g. eggs, dairy & gluten).

Food & Supplement Self-Testing Tool

I show you an easy-to-learn technique that you can do at home (with or without a partner) to find out which foods, herbs or supplements help your body and which need to be avoided. You won't need an accessory or gadget for this work. Because your body is an antenna that can give you clear signals what it needs. 

Self-Testing Tool
Food Lists Preview

Eat This Not That - Food Lists

What you eat matters! 

Some foods can literally make it impossible for you to heal chronic digestive issues. While others are able to supercharge your gut-healing process. 

Pin up your Gut Healing Foods vs. Trigger Foods to Avoid posters on your fridge. 

So you never forget what foods to go for on your next grocery haul.  

Daily “Tap Your Gut Healthy” Tool

One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is: Why haven't I healed yet? What am I doing wrong?" I am eating all the right food and take supplements...

In only 7 minutes per day, we help you recover from chronic gut struggles by using a powerful tapping technique (EFT). 

I walk you through nine simple tapping points that you can give you instant relief from anxiety, sleep problems and indigestion.  

Gut Healthy Tapping Tool
Mindset & Emotion Worksheet Preview

Prepare Your Mind & Heart for Gut Healing Success

It's true, healing from chronic gut struggles isn't always easy, nor a straight forward process. When healing gets tough, e.g. during a cleansing phase or a healing dip, you'll need this powerful anchor tool to keep you on track. 

I walk you though step-by-step the process of aligning your emotions and your thoughts with your gut-healing goals. So you never get confused or feel lost on your healing path again. 


BONUS: The Golden "Bounce Back Faster" Guide

With these 10 Golden Rules you'll have a clear guideline on what to focus on for recovering your gut health within days. 

Bounce Back Guide Preview
Gut Feelings Video Library Preview

BONUS: The Complete Gut Feelings Library

Get all of my 350+ Gut Feelings Videos conveniently sorted from A to Z with clickable links for immediate playback. Simply search for a keyword (e.g. constipation) and you'll see all related videos instantly. 

All Future Updates included. 

It's easier than I thought: listen to your gut and not to overthink things

I was surprised how much I need to slow down and really connect to my mind, body and emotions. It's like the saying "everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere", it's okay to take time out everyday to find peace and happiness. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is on a healing journey. 

Marilyn Kallimanes

testimonial, gastritis better
Feedback Lilith86bella

I’ve worked with more than 10 doctors before! 

When I came to Peggy I was really tired. I lacked energy and strength. I couldn’t focus well or digest my food properly. I was having lots of issues. 

After working with her, my digestion has improved, my skin has improved. I have clarity and I can focus. I have energy to do the things I want to do, and am finally getting back into work. And she made the whole process so easy. Working with her was a breeze and a breath of fresh air!

Peggy, thank you again so much. You are a rare gem, and I am so glad to have worked with you and have you in my life!

Feedback, Daniel Przybylski
Urszula Simoniuk Feedback

I was never worried about the things you say. They just make perfect sense to me! 

I discovered the true taste of whole foods! Through the daily celery juice my eczema got better...  I love how healthy eating makes me more energetic! And I am still in the process of adapting to the new diet. 

Urszula Simoniuk  //  M.D., Cardiac Surgeon

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Gut-Healing Toolbox Peggy Schirmer

Included in your Complete Gut Recovery Box are: 

  • Swap It for Good Guide - Delicious gut-friendly alternatives to the most common trigger foods (e.g. eggs, dairy & gluten)
  • Food Lists "Eat This Not That" - Gut Healing Foods vs. Trigger Foods to Avoid
  • Prepare Mind & Heart for Gut Healing Success - My favourite 1-on-1 client support tool
  • Daily "Tap Your Gut Healthy" Exercise - Recover from chronic gut struggles in 7 minutes per day (incl. support for sleep, anxiety & indigestion)
  • Food & Supplement Self-Testing Tool - Use the feedback of your body to test anything before eating it (without negative side-effects!)
  • Bounce Back Guide - The 10 Golden Rules to follow for fast gut recovery
  • Gut Feelings Library - Complete 350+ Gut Feelings Videos from A to Z with Clickable Links (All Future Updates included)