How I accidentally healed my allergies 

In ONE week...

After struggling for 15 years every day 

"It feels like ALL the energy got sucked out of my body!

It’s absolutely miserable and I think that those who don’t have allergies don’t understand the severity of allergy symptoms." 

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I am not sneezing.

I cannot believe it.

Jackie Sanders, 58 yrs

I was a little leery because every other thing I've tried did not worked and I am amazed that this worked.

What has surprised me is that this is the worst part of the year for me with allergies and I'm looking at all the trees and flowers that are blooming and I am not sneezing. I cannot believe it.

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I Laid Out Everything You Need To Start Healing Allergies 
In This Step-by-Step Program
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  • 1-Week Step-by-Step Allergy Relief Program - Clear guidance on how to overcome your allergies in form of short, easy-to-understand video modules 
  • Detailed Allergy Action Plan - Easy-to-follow healing protocol that tells you exactly "when to do what" every day (in printable format)
  • Delicious & Simple Recipes - Allergy-relieving meals that strengthen your body and address heal the root cause
  • Shopping List - A done-for-you list with all the ingredients and quantities you need for your allergy healing week (incl. supplements) 
  • 7-Day Meal Plan - Including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snack options per day & three weekend treats to share with family or friends
  • Daily Allergy Healing Check Sheet - Never forget any allergy-healing mini step and enjoy daily "ticking-off" your wins
  • Supplement Guidance - Instead of wasting money on dozens of useless supplements, you only need these four game-changing essential supplements 
  • 5-Minute Morning Allergy Relief Routine - Daily gentle exercise to instantly relief allergy symptoms (using acupressure points and energy medicine)
  • Healing Progress Tracker - To stay on track and celebrate every allergy improvement along the way

If you've got one hour a week: 

Then I'll teach you how to heal allergy without needing allergy meds or nose sprays ever again!

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A Look Inside The Allergy Healing Program

This well structured, comprehensive plan guides you step-by-step through healing your allergies without needing antihistamines, allergy shots or nasal sprays

ARP Preview

Complete 7-day Meal Plan that gives you ease in planning your meals

ARP Preview recipes

Simple, Allergy-Healing Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

ARP Preview recipes

Weekend Specials to share meals with your friends and family

ARP Preview Daily Healing Protocol

Detailed Allergy Action Plan

to help you do exactly the right thing at the right time

ARP Preview Snacks

Allergy Relief Snacks

AR Preview Allergy Relief Routine

5-Minute Morning Allergy Relief Routine

ARP Preview Tracker

Healing Progress Tracker

AR Preview Supplements

Game-Changing Supplement 


 And to make SURE you succeed healing your allergies... I added these BONUSES

ARP Preview BONUS: The #1 Root Cause
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ARP Preview Don't Suppress The WARNING Signal
ARP Preview Access
  • BONUS The #1 Root Cause - Suddenly you'll understand what's going on in your body and why allergies are 100% curable
  • BONUS Don't Suppress The Warning Signal - Learn why allergy-suppressing meds are dangerous long-term and what you can do to heal your body instead of suppressing its warning symptoms.
  • BONUS Allergy Healing Food Posters - A curated explanation of the most effective foods to speed up your allergy healing process (to use as resource after finishing your week)
  • Immediate Access - After your purchase, you get full access right away so can start healing your allergies immediately. The program is 100% digital and all materials (e.g. meal plan, recipes) can be downloaded or easily printed out. 
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The following email sounds like my own allergy story... 

Does This Sound Familiar To You, Too?

"Healing seasonal allergies is one of the most confusing overwhelming issues of my life. 

I struggle with severe allergies for over a decade now. After waking up in the morning I sneeze like 50 times and my nose is blocked all day.

It’s so annoying to feel exhausted and deal with itchy, red eyes everyday. Now it's even worse because people think I have Covid. 

I tried all the conventional treatments: over-the-counter pills, nasal sprays, prescription drugs, steroids, immunotherapy, and even an invasive surgery to open up my sinuses.

It cost me thousands of dollars and even more in my energy and health.

Doctors are no good. Everyone is pointing in a different direction. 

All their treatments are aimed at my symptoms and taking more allergy meds. 

The nose spray and allergy pills worked in the beginning. But now my eyes get watery again and the allergy meds don't work anymore

I don't want to be stuck taking Allegra pills for the rest of my life.

Why can't they just provide clear step-by-step guidance that focusses on the root cause of my allergies?"

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my 1-Week Allergy Relief Program?

Immediately! After your purchase you receive immediate access to your healing program.

I tried so many things already... How do I know this program will work for me?

The Allergy Relief Program is designed address the underlying causes of seasonal and food allergies with the help for specific healing foods, minimal supplements and proven techniques to rebalance your body.

The challenge addresses all three root causes of allergies and therefore can help you break out of the vicious cycle of antihistamines and constant allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching and feeling tired all day. 

How do I know this program will work for me?

The Stomach Healing Challenge is designed to help you lower inflammation, restore natural stomach balance and support your stomach to heal itself with specific foods and minimal supplements. 

The challenge addresses all three root causes of stomach issues and therefore can help you break out of the vicious cycle of PPIs and antibiotics. 

I don't have a computer. Can I access the guide on my phone?


All of Peggy's products and programs are accessible on mobile (android, iPhone), tablet and desktop. 

What are the costs in Euro, Pound and Canadian Dollar?

There are no additional or hidden fees for converting US to your currency. To see the exact price, please use Google to see the current exchange rate. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like the program?

Due to the nature of digital products, we do NOT offer refunds once you have made the purchase. 

I have a question about the program!

No problem. Peggy's friendly support team is here to help you: