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Are you dealing with any of these issues?

Who is the GFA for?

If "Yes" then watch the video below to learn how Peggy can help you overcome these gut struggles and side-symptoms once and for all.

What can the Gut Feeler Academy do for you? 

What You're Getting Inside the Academy

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Leah Vinson - Radiation Therapist

Nathalie testimonial GF academy

I love the personal attention and feeling relieved to have the support network. Peggy is such an inspiration: informative and engaging.

Sarah Lugg

The whole coaching group was enriching for me, as to understand this change of life. Thank you so much for all that you share and give the world!

Yael Reuveni

I have been happy about doing this academy and coaching. I love the group coaching sessions. It’s a benefit to hear others issues that I can also relate to. Peggy does a great job!

Sarah Lynn Seaton

Eszter - Relocation Consultant

I am hugely benefiting from learning what others experience and how we are all different, but have the same issues.  

Peggy has empowered me so much! 

Sarah Tilling

Peggy answered all of my questions and checks in to make sure I understand. I also love learning from other Gut Feeler’s questions.

Katie Yezek

This has been great Peggy.  Thank you so much for your dedication to us clients!

I love learning from other Gut Feelers, their struggles and your recommendations for them.

Nathalie Vachon

Lucas Widdes - Entrepreneur & Musician

Thank you so much Peggy for everything you do. 

The academy training and your coaching is of tremendous help to me.

Maths Laszlo - Netherlands

I love that I am getting my individual questions and issues answered every step of the way.

That’s very beneficial for me. 

Andrea Lloyd United Kingdom

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