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Beautiful Vitality In 2018 

Transcript: Hello from cold Germany on January. I love to have you in my new webinar on January 7th. It’s next Sunday and we’re going to talk about the vitamin B12. Bat in a different way than you heard ever before so it’s not going to be about supplements and it’s not going to be about meat or fish. I show you how you can get vitamin B12 and probiotics in a completely natural way and for super low cost. So stay tuned for that. Then we have morning rituals, where we’ll harvest all the intelligence from the group and share our morning rituals that support our health, wellbeing and vitality. And then in the end I am going to give you very small detox secret which helps you throughout the day to have a stable energy level and it’s also very good for your digestion and for your liver health. Stay tunes. Sign up for the webinar. You can sign up in the form. If you follow the link, there comes a form where you can enter your email. And then I send you your personal link for the webinar via email. I am so happy to see you in 2018. I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and I’ll see you on Sunday. Bye bye.


“Hey Beautiful Woman” Invite Webinar Dec 28, 2017

Transcript: Hey beautiful woman. I love to have you as part of our webinar on December 28th on how to increase our energy and vitality as women in a fun and delicious way. Because if it’s not fun we all know it’s not sustainable. it’s a perfect chance to set yourself up for a fulfilling new year 2018 and to do together inspired and Powerful women. What happens in this hour together is a mystery. But I am going to make sure that we cover three things. Number one is something that you’ve probably never heard before about probiotics and connected to said vitamin B12 and why you probably after hearing this you want to ditch supplements of vitamin B12 and probiotics even if you’re vegan or vegetarian and a show you how you get these two essential things in a completely different way Accelerate even more attitude even more energized throughout the day number 3 I’m going to share with you and very small secret but daily detoxing your liver and your it will show in your glowing skin as well it’s just about knowing how to make a simple change and looking forward to see you on December 28th make sure you bring your friend because following up things together is always more easier than doing things just alone and let start and knowing where we going and just enjoying our life at the peak.



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