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Is the Detox Intensive for YOU?

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YES, I want...

I want to press the reset button and get back on track. 

I want to fall in love with my body (again).

I know something needs to change AND you know it starts with me making the first step towards it.


YES, I know...

I know there is no magical pill or quick fix to "save" me. 

I don't want to be saved. I want to take my health in my own hands and understand what my body needs to thrive.


YES, I am open to...

I am open to being surprised. I am open to getting more out of these five days than I can imagine.

E.g. new friends, buddy support, insights, delicious meal ideas, fun new habits...

I don't want to do all this alone. I like connecting with other Gut Feelers who are as serious and excited about healing as I am. 

Do You Need to... ? 

  • have more energy 
  • feel satisfied, not hungry on a healthy diet
  • feel lighter and less bloated and enjoy a wonderful feeling of "clean"
  • get better sleep & wake up feeling refreshed
  • enjoy a bright and glowing skin
  • loose those last stubborn pounds
  • decrease pain and inflammation 
  • have a clear mind and be able to focus easily
  • learn about delicious foods to support your healing

What Do You Get?

Prep-Call with Peggy

In this live group call, we make sure you know exactly how to start your detox, what to look out for and how to use all your materials. 

The call will be recorded so that you can come back to it. 


All-Inclusive Meal Plan

A 5-day meal plan with delicious and simple gut-healing recipes - with unlimited portions! 

All meals are specially crafted to support your body’s natural detox processes.  

Daily Protocol

A daily protocol with step-by-step instructions on what to do and when to do it. Zero confusion guaranteed! 

Shopping List

A done-for-you shopping list with all the ingredients you need.

Print it out and simply tick the boxes while you walk through the supermarket aisles. 

Gut Feeler Buddy

Having someone to share your detox experience with, someone who is as committed and excited about healing itself as you are... is pure gold. 

This is optional but highly recommended. Of course, we help you team up with your Gut Feeler buddy! 

Progress Tracker

& Journal

With this tool, we make sure you notice and celebrate every mini-healing success. 

Furthermore, the progress tracker helps you to deeper understand your body's reactions: what it loves and what doesn't work. 

Community Power

In the private detox support group, you can connect with all the other Gut Feelers who are all doing the 5 Day Detox with you. It's the perfect opportunity to share your healing experience, to learn from others and to start inspired into every new day of your detox adventure.

Detox Handbook

With the "Deepen Your Detox" handbook you can boost your detox experience. It includes my best simple detox habits, the toxin awareness guide, background info about detoxing and much more. 

Closing-Call with Peggy

A live group call on the last day of our detox to help to create a smooth transition out of your five cleansing days. A part of it will be Q&A style, so you have the chance to get your questions answered. 


What People are saying...


I discovered the true taste of whole foods! Through the daily celery juice, my eczema got better...  I love how healthy eating makes me more energetic!
I was never worried about the things you say. They just make perfect sense to me!

Urszula Simoniuk

M.D., Cardiac Surgeon

The biggest wow-feeling is that I have so much more energy than I used to have. It’s great to wake up at 7 and to feel so alive!

I’ve made significant improvements in all my set goals (better skin, more joy & happiness, clear focus, less anxiety, less chocolate, …). 

I feel beautiful in my body now, more present and free to go wherever I want to.

Nathalie Verboven

Spiritual Guide & Coach

I took a leap of faith and was reassured by Peggy's guidance. For the very first time, I did not feel alone in my healing journey.

My energy levels improved, my awareness and concentration soar and my worries reduced day by day...

Trevor Sobers

Entrepreneur & Artist

Why Does this Detox Work? 

 What is in Peggy's Secrete Sauce?

  • Simple, delicious whole foods - 100% plant based
  • An easy to follow detox protocol
  • Progress Tracker to learn what works best for your body
  • Optional supplement recommendation to speed up the detox process
  • Encouragement and mutual support within the Gut Feeler community

What you won't find...

  • Recipes that are complicated or full of expensive "superfoods"
  • Hardcore detox protocols that leave you "feeling like crap" or hungry
  • Common triggerfoods (dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, corn etc.)
  • Crazy dieting or only juice fasting
  • Spending hours in the kitchen to prepare your lunch or dinner

Essentials You Need for the Program... 

  • A Blender* or Smoothie Maker
  • 2-3 hours time/day 
  • - to make your food 
  • - share & connect with the community and
  • - take a power-nap (if you need one :-)) 

* If do not have this kitchen tool don't worry! Just ask a friend or neighbour if you can borrow it for five days! Or you can check out my fav tools to purchase here.  


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Are You Ready to Hit "Reset"? 

Let's do this together and have fun while getting satisfying results: more energy, better skin, improved digestion, feeling light and clear minded! 

It's time to get excited for the next Detox Intensive in 2019! 

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